Don’t miss out on Matthew Bourne’s new take on Cinderella

Credit: Johan Persson

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Blumenthal Performing Arts continues to present remarkable performances. Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella will be at the Belk Theater on Jan. 6-12. Tickets to this New Adventures Production start as low as $25.

By spinning a familiar, classic fairy tale and setting it in the tempestuous background of the London Blitz during WWII, Bourne has created a distinct, noteworthy and thrilling presentation full of charm.

Credit: Johan Persson

The Plot

During the WWII Blitz in London, Cinderella falls for a dynamic RAF pilot after a chance meeting results in a magical night for them both. They are together long enough to fall in love, but the German bombing campaign soon forces them apart.

In this twist on the beloved classic, Cinderella is a resilient, self-governing and liberated character. She reveals less of the timidity often associated with the role and makes the decision to depart from her stepmother’s house of her own accord.

Credit: Johan Persson

The Presentation

Bourne’s storytelling as artistic director is vivid and grabs the heart. He is an internationally recognized figure in the dance and theater worlds, and also ushered in The Red Shoes to Charlotte in 2017. Through his return with Cinderella, Bourne provides the Queen City with another thrilling, mesmerizing production.

Lez Brotherston delivers magnificent Olivier Award-winning designs. Olivier Award-winning Neil Austin provides the lighting, and the video and projection designs are by Duncan McLean. Cinderella will be performed in surround sound, designed by Paul Groothuis.

Credit: Johan Persson

Educational Event

Bourne will be at the Booth Playhouse on Jan. 4 at 6 p.m. for a special conversation about the production. Hope Muir, the Charlotte Ballet’s artistic director, will moderate the discussion with Bourne regarding the inspiration behind Cinderella and its creation. The event is free, but attendees are required to RSVP here.

The Details

Where: Belk Theater at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
When: Jan. 6-12
Tickets: For tickets, call 704-372-1000 or buy them online here.

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