Would you get married at first sight? Here’s your chance with a Charlotte casting call

Courtesy of Kinetic Content

Would you get married at first sight? Here’s your chance. The Lifetime show “Married at First Sight” is holding an online casting call for Charlotte applicants now, through the next six weeks. It’s produced by Kinetic Content.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, the seventh season is rolling out in Texas, “where six Dallas-area singles yearning for a life-long partnership agree to a provocative proposal: getting legally married to a stranger the moment they first meet, at the altar,” according to the website.

Based on scientific matchmaking, a “panel of experts” featuring a psychologist, a sociologist and a marriage counselor connect three potentially compatible couples. The show follows the couples from wedding (and meeting), to honeymoon, to marriage struggles as they get acquainted with each other. Multiple weeks into marriage, the couples have to decide if they stay together, or if they divorce.

Not too absurd an approach to take with your personal love life?

If you want to join the casting call, note that it’s not like that of “The Bachelor,” where you have to show up at a physical audition (remember when our writer Ashley Shapiro went to a “Bachelor” casting call at the EpiCentre?). All you have to do is fill out the online form here.

A list of 61 questions range from religious preferences to race preferences, to physical and personality preferences, as well as deal breakers.

Deeper questions include: “What does family mean to you? Describe your family dynamic today.” As well as: “What does marriage mean to you? Describe your ideal relationship and expectations of marriage.”

Who’s eligible to participate?

To join the casting call, you have to legitimately want to get married — seeing as that is the first activity on the show, one you reach the altar. Men and women age 21 and older are eligible (and should preferably appear to be age 26-40, according to the flyer).

Courtesy of Kinetic Content

If you’re selected via the online application, a producer will reach out to schedule a Skype interview.

The show will be filmed in Charlotte at a yet undetermined time, and will later air on Lifetime.

Can you handle it?

If you do get selected to appear on the show and wish to write about your experience for CharlotteFive, email CharlotteFive@CharlotteFive.com with the subject line “Married at First Sight Columnist.”


  1. I made it to the Skype interview!! Just waiting now. Filming is set to begin In Feb and the wedding and honeymoon in March. Season will premier in May! Good luck to all of those looking for their match!!


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