How many construction cranes are on Charlotte’s skyline?


A recent news article called Seattle the “crane capital of America,” the symptom of a major building boom, with 62 tower cranes dotting its skyline.

So where does Charlotte stack up? We’re not in the ranks of Chicago (56), Washington, D.C. (27) or Los Angeles (29). Those numbers are from Rider Levett Bucknall, a firm that tracks cranes.

But we’re not doing too shabbily. I count 12 (Updated from nine – thanks readers!) tower cranes right now across the city, with a few more on the horizon. Let me know if my number is correct, or if I’m missing any. Here are the ones I counted:

▪ Crescent Stonewall Station: 3

▪ 300 South Tryon: 1

▪ EpiCentre hotel: 1

▪ Lincoln apartments, at Kenilworth and Morehead: 2

▪ Fountains at Toringdon apartments: 1

▪ CampusWorks apartment on Central Avenue: 1

▪ CPCC construction on Fourth Street: 1

▪ Inspire apartments in SouthPark: 2

Of course, it’s a fluid number, with cranes going up and coming down as projects progress. A crane at the 615 South College office tower was recently removed, for example, while a Northwood Ravin project on Stonewall Street will likely see one rise in the coming months.

Photo: Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer


  1. I think we had around 20 right before the recession. I can definitely see Charlotte breaking into the 20-30 range over the next few years. This city has so many projects underway and announced its insane.
    This spring and summer will be interesting. Stonewall St alone should be a parade of 4 or 5 by itself.
    When First Ward ever decides to jump in the fun one can only guess what type of projects we will see….MLB anyone????


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