So, you’re the maid of honor. Here’s a guide to all of your responsibilities.


Being the maid of honor can be a lot of fun, but it also comes with some important responsibilities. Here’s a list of your maid of honor duties, so you know exactly what you’ll have to do with the time before and during your bride’s big day.

Make sure all the bridesmaids are in the loop

Your bride has enough to worry about without ensuring all the bridesmaids are on the same page. That means it’s up to you to make that group chat and coordinate. GroupMe is a great app for group texts. You may also want to consider having two separate chats: one with the bride and one without in case you want to discuss secret plans or surprises with the other bridesmaids.

Either way, make sure everyone knows their own responsibilities including, but not limited to: reception logistics, day-of hair and makeup, plus ones and anything else they should know about the big day. And try not to overwhelm everyone with a ton of messages. Only stick to the absolutely necessary information.

Plan the bachelorette party

One of the most important aspects of being a maid of honor is planning the bachelorette party or bridal shower. Check with the bride to see what she’s envisioning for the party and use your planning skills to perfectly execute a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This involves selecting the location, time, activities, food, and all of the other fun that’ll make her bachelorette party the best day of the bride’s life (besides her wedding day, of course). If you’re looking for a local bachelorette party, check out Howl at the Moon’s party packages, a local wine tour, or an evening on Charlotte’s Trolley Pub.

Restaurants in and around Uptown such as Fahrenheit, Dressler’s, and Vapiano are also great options for a night out. Hit up a couple of bars after dinner to finish up the night. For destination parties, Charleston, Asheville, and Wilmington are all close enough to drive for a weekend trip.

Or, take advantage of the great deals on direct flights from Charlotte if you’re feeling even more adventurous. As for bachelorette gifts, visit local boutiques Boem and Criv to check out their accessories galore. A gift card for a spa day at The Ballantyne is a good option too.

Be a witness

This one’s important. As maid of honor, you and the best man should sign the official marriage license as witnesses to the bride and groom. What better way to show support for your best friend than being part of the document that represents her love and commitment to her partner?

Hold the bouquet

When the couple is saying their vows and placing rings on each other’s fingers, where does the bride’s bouquet go? That’s right: in your hands. As they stand at the altar, the bride will entrust you with her bouquet. While this is one of your easier responsibilities, try not to drop it. You can hand it back when they’re officially married.

Be a hype-woman

Above all else, your job as a maid of honor is to support your bride no matter what. Be her hype-woman, a shoulder to cry on, a person to laugh with and her best friend. With the stress and excitement that comes with getting married, she’ll need someone she can count on.

If she’s having some pre-wedding jitters, put on Netflix and pour her a glass of wine. If she’s stressed about the guest list, help her cut it down. If she just needs a break from wedding planning, take her out for coffee at Undercurrent Coffee in Plaza Midwood, Crema Expresso Bar and Café in Dilworth, or Coco and the Director in Uptown.

Prepare an emergency kit

On any wedding day, something is bound to go wrong. It’s better to be prepared for the inevitable hiccup rather than be without a solution when it happens. Make your bride’s wedding day as easy as possible with a wedding emergency kit.

Be sure to include mints, deodorant, painkillers, sewing kit, safety pins, stain remover stick, Q-tips, snacks and a mini bottle of champagne. If you don’t feel like making one yourself, Francesca’s in SouthPark mall sells a bridal mini emergency kit.  

Write an awesome speech

Of course, one of the great parts of being a maid of honor is writing the best toast ever. You get to talk about your best friend, remind everyone of all the best stories, and express your gratitude and excitement for this next chapter in her life. For added effect, you can also prepare a slideshow with her childhood pictures.

How embarrassing these are is up to you. Either way, make sure you start writing your speech with plenty of time before the wedding day and run it by a friend or one of her relatives to make sure you got all the facts right.


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