Would you pay to join this monthly Lyft subscription pass coming to Charlotte?


Keep an eye on your email inbox. Soon, select Lyft riders in Charlotte and some other markets will be invited by email to join the waitlist for a Lyft Pass, part of the company’s newest subscription model. The Verge compared it to a Netflix or Spotify monthly subscription model, but for transportation instead of entertainment.

The deal: If you accept the email invitation you can request a spot to get an all-access pass where you pay $200 up front, but then get 30 “free” rides for the month, up to $15 each. If high-frequency Charlotte riders took all 30 rides, that means they could save up to $250 (since 30 rides for $15 each would typically bring your bill to $450).

Three questions linger as the test phase approaches. Do enough individual Charlotteans take 30 rides a month? That number seems high for a city that is still heavy on car traffic (no matter how many bike-sharing and scooter-sharing apps come our way), and when Millennials seem to use Lyft more for weekend transportation and rides to the airport than for actual commuting.

Plus, what happens if a monthly subscriber exceeds that $15 ride limit?

Lastly, I love that you can choose to tip your Lyft driver. It’s a valuable part of the service industry that allows customers to express gratitude. Will that option still be available?

The test will tell.

Photo courtesy of Corri Smith

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Image: Lyft app screenshot



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