7 places to find low-maintenance plants in Charlotte, from cactus trucks to terrarium shops

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Houseplants can completely transform a space into an oasis. They brighten up any area and have a relaxing influence. Plants tend to make us feel happier and more productive. And of course, they’re so Instagrammable. It is no shock that so many of us want to fill our most cherished spaces with refreshing foliage. But for some of us, keeping plants alive can be… well, a challenge.

Here are some ideal plants you can get enhance your space with if you’re not a natural green thumb:

  • African Spear
  • Air Plants
  • Aloe Plants
  • Bamboo
  • Calathea
  • Dracaena
  • Fittonias
  • Money Tree
  • Peace Lilies
  • Pothos
  • Peperomia plants
  • Philodendrons
  • Ponytail Palms
  • Snake Plants
  • Spider Plants
  • ZZ Plants

Check out these nurseries, greenhouses and other spots in the Charlotte area to discover and rediscover these houseplant varieties and more (but know that it’s on YOU to actually keep them alive):

The Cactus Club

Check Instagram for the truck’s schedule and whereabouts


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You can find this mobile plant shop at pop-ups, breweries and markets across Charlotte. This Instagram-famous bus carries countless beautiful cacti and other intriguing pre-potted plants including more rare succulent varieties. It is hard to grasp how easy it is to lose yourself in such a small space until it happens to you.

Exceptional Terrariums

Atherton Market, 2000 South Blvd.


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Exceptional Terrariums offers creative and unique terrariums, bromeliads and succulents at Atherton Market in Charlotte’s historic South End. You’ll find plants potted in all kinds of items, from driftwood to Spam containers. It is the perfect place to grab a beautiful living creation with some unexpected flare.

The Gardens at Blackhawk Hardware

4225 Park Rd.


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Venture down to the garden center (after you grab some free popcorn) to enjoy while you walk around. The store’s front entrance in the Park Road Shopping Center is next to Hallmark, or you can drive around back behind Michael’s for convenient loading. There is so much beauty to choose from, including plants, hanging baskets, unique gifts, decorative items and fountains. Bonus: Blackhawk Hardware is dog-friendly, so you can bring your pup along for the adventure.

Malone’s Nursery

100 Radio Rd

If you’re an aspiring plant parent, you don’t want to miss this hidden gem. Malone’s offers a wide selection of succulents, tropical, cacti and many other plants. Preview the space here. They have one-inch pots to larger pots available. There are rows and rows of favorites and future favorites at your fingertips.

Oakdale Greenhouses

5626 Statesville Rd


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Oakdale Greenhouses offers everything from houseplants, tropical plants, and succulents to event plant rentals. Oakdale Greenhouses was established back in 2007. Their variety of indoor plants and landscaping plants are available all year long. Expect a friendly staff and make sure to wear comfy shoes. There is so much to see!

Pike Nursery

12630 N Community House Rd, Charlotte and 1016 Devore Ln, Matthews


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Established in 1958, Pike Nurseries has an extensive selection of houseplants, annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, pottery, patio furniture, garden-inspired décor and other gardening supplies. Learning more about which houseplants you love the most is effortless here. Pike Nurseries tries to make it easy for visitors so don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Check their website for their schedule and whereabouts


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If you’re looking for something that even a black thumb can’t kill, try an air plant.

WildlyUrban offers unique air plant décor inspired by nature. They bring the outside in with their air plant creations, pairing reclaimed wood or alternative found objects with air plants to give your house a little taste of wild.

If all else fails, visit a big-box store or order online

Ikea (8300 Ikea Blvd), Home Depot (multiple Charlotte locations), and Lowe’s (217 Iverson Way) also offer a variety of houseplants. Be sure to keep your original receipt if you shop at Home Depot. They guarantee all tropical, house and landscape plants for one year.

You can even order your houseplants online on Amazon (of course) or at The Sill.

Happy planting!


  1. Interesting Story. So sorry you did not visit Campbells’ Greenhouse on McDonald Ave in Dilworth. They are a Charlotte institution. Lovely plants, Terrific & knowledgeable folks whose advice is free and friendly. Furthermore, they are known for their years of supporting the community. Would not think of going anywhere else.

  2. I concur with Betty, Campbells’ should definately be on the list. They’re helpful, extremely knowledgeable, and have an awesome selection of plants.


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