Why you NEED to start hiking down Charlotte’s local trails


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North Carolina is a beautiful state, and we are lucky enough to live in an area that has plenty of amazing hiking trails close by. While hot summers might make it difficult to get active, perusing the local trails can provide plenty of benefits.

With the help of our friends at CaroMont Health, we’ve compiled a short list of reasons you should take to the trails this summer.

Hiking gets the heart pumping.

Physical activity like hiking and walking trails can do wonders for your blood pressure, and it can help keep your blood sugar levels under control. Overall, spending time on the trails can actually decrease your risk for heart disease. And it isn’t a huge lifestyle change like purchasing a gym membership, so hiking can be a low-cost way to start improving your health. For an especially enjoyable workout, try hiking Crowders Mountain. Find the trail that best suits you with this easy link.

Hiking improves the mood.

Your mood can be improved by getting out into the sunshine and experiencing the joys that life can bring. Research has shown that hiking is especially good for improving your mood. By hiking down the local trails, you can experience stunning natural displays. Take the RibbonWalk Nature Preserve, for instance. Nestled in the middle of the city, it contains nearly 200 plant species, more than 50 species of birds and more than 30 species of butterflies—and that’s just one preserve with one trail system! The possibilities for calming interactions with nature are endless.

Hiking strengthens the musculature.

Walking down local trails can be fun and peaceful, but it is also serious exercise. It can help lower your overall body weight and is a great way to build muscle. Specifically, hiking focuses on muscles in the legs and hips as well as the glutes. As an added bonus, hiking is technically an exercise in bearing a load (the load being you). This means that it can increase the density of your bones, warding off issues like osteoporosis and improving the health of your bone structure.

Check out the myriad local trails we have in Charlotte and find your favorite. If you’re a new hiker, it is important to start small. Find a trail that is more or less flat and gradually work your way up to more difficult trails. Whatever you do, feel good about getting out there and improving your health, all while experiencing the wonders of our city.

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  1. Should probably put some pictures of hiking in Charlotte, there are a lot of great parks with trails in the area. Lake Norman State Park is another great place in the greater Charlotte area. Maybe a couple maps, actually just let me rewrite this article.


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