Some days, nothing is better than drinking your favorite type of coffee out of your own favorite mug. Particularly when you’re rushing like a maniac to get to work or to the next task on your list. It’s nice to find comfort in the little details — and a steamy mug of java.

And some Charlotte coffee places reward you for bringing your own mug. Here are 5 places where you can BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug) and get a discount:

(1) Rhino Market

BYOM and pay: $1.50. Although, if you bring a little, teeny mug, it’s only $1. If you haul in a massive YETI mug, it’s $2.50. Take your pick.

Rhino Market: 1500 W. Morehead St., #E.

(2) The Common Market

BYOM (as in, a regular-sized travel mug) and pay $1.25.

The Common Market: 2007 Commonwealth Ave.

(3) Nova’s Bakery

BYOM and pay: $1.35 (no size limitations).

Nova’s: 1511 Central Ave. and 1515 South Blvd.

(4) Smelly Cat Coffee:

BYO(16oz)M and get: A 10 percent discount on drip coffee.

Smelly Cat Coffee: 514 E. 36th St.

(5) Summit Coffee

BYOM and get a small coffee for $1.75. It can be a travel mug, a ceramic mug or, heck, an empty Starbucks cup.

Summit Coffee: 128 S. Main St., Davidson

Mugs Coffee

I added this to the list because, while you don’t get a cheaper cup of coffee when you BYOM, you have full permission to stash your personal mug here for whenever you wander in. Feels like home. Price for a small coffee: $1.73.

Mugs: 5126 Park Road, Ste. 1D

Wishing you a very merry coffee experience, Charlotte.

Photo: Katie Toussaint


  1. Giving a shout out to Koko Java on Main St in Salisbury who also has a BYOM discount, comfy furniture and lots of smiles. I always bring a travel mug in – to go cups aren’t recyclable.