Local NASCAR superstar to open Little Big Burger restaurant in Cornelius


This post is brought to you in partnership with Little Big Burger. All opinions are our own. 

Rejoice, burger lovers (and burger lover supporters)! NASCAR superstar Denny Hamlin, driver of the No. 11 FedEx car and 2006 Sprint Cup Rookie of the Year, is bringing the TALL taste of Little Big Burger to Cornelius.

“I’m looking forward to opening my first Little Big Burger right down the street from where I live and in my own community,” says Hamllin.

With one restaurant already at Prosperity Village and another coming to Rae Farms, Little Big Burger is building a delicious reputation across the city.

From one foodie town (Portland, Ore.) to the Queen City with love, this new burger on the scene is doing things differently.

Let’s start with how it looks: Little Big Burger is a TALL burger, packing in freshness and taste in a vertical, mouth-watering fashion.

Here are the yummy details and what you can expect from this burger that is TALL on taste. Feel free to jam out while planning your next meal.

Fresh ingredients

Little Big Burger wants every experience to end with an empty plate and a satisfied customer — that’s why they start fresh. Each Little Big Burger is made with 4 oz. (that’s a quarter pound of Certified Angus Beef and cooked to order)!

Put that quarter pound of fresh meat between a fresh brioche bun (or lettuce wrap) and the sky’s the limit with Tillamook Creamery cheese, fresh vegetables, branded Camden catsup and fry sauce, and more.

If you fall in love with the catsup (which you will), you can buy it by the jar and take some home.

Vegans are going to love this place, too, since Little Big Burger also has a vegan burger handmade by Marie at Chez Gourmet. Really, you can’t go wrong here!


Let’s face it: if the fries don’t have their own category, is it really a burger place worth mentioning?

Little Big Burger has gluten free truffle fries which are shoestring skin-on potatoes with white truffle oil and sea salt. Oh, and don’t forget the fry sauce!

Foodie experience

Little Big Burger is a quick, casual experience. Think of it as a chef-driven, in-and-out foodie treat where you can grab a great burger meal for under $10.

Don’t feel like coming in? You can order online and take your burger magic on the go.

Plus the company behind Little Big Burger, Chanticleer Holdings (NASDAQ: BURG), is owned and operated right here in Charlotte. Nothing like supporting a home company… just finish chewing first.

Leave “wide” at home. Go tall, go fresh, go all-out foodie wonderland at Little Big Burger.  Just go!

Want to know more about Little Big Burger? Click here for more information. 


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