The partners of Seoul Food Meat Co. are opening an all-you-can eat Korean BBQ restaurant in South End this month

Let's Meat Exterior

If all goes well, Let’s Meat, the next-door neighbor to Seoul Food Meat Company, is expected to open at the end of the month at 1400 S. Church St.

Let’s Meat Exterior

The all-you-can eat Korean BBQ spot will have 28 tables with a stovetop conveniently located in the middle. With your all-inclusive meal, you’ll be offered a checklist of meats with the appropriate marinades to order for the table. Patrons are able to cook the preferred meat themselves or a server can assist and cook if need-be.

Let’s Meat Interior

Partners David Choi and Kevin Dae said that Let’s Meat is still in the process of finalizing the food menu, but some of the meats you will definitely see are kalbi (BBQ short ribs) and samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly).

The meats will be sliced thinly and the stovetop burners will be set to a lower temperature, so the meats can cook the fastest.

Let’s Meat Stovetops

And don’t worry, non-meat eaters, they’re expecting to have some vegetarian-friendly options on the menu as well.

Some of the accommodations to the meats are expected to be a bowl of rice and green leaf lettuce.

Within the next few days, Choi and his crew are looking to narrow down what alcohol and Korean beers they’ll be offering.

Pricing is also still up in the air because it depends on which vendors they’ll use to order their meats and vegetables.

Choi mentioned that Seoul Food is meant to introduce people to Korean-style flavors, while Let’s Meat is introducing the execution of Korean food.

Customers will be able to access Seoul’s back deck through a little walkway in the back of the new restaurant, which could additionally act as a waiting area.

Matt Moore’s Mural In Progress

Choi is already hoping to expand Let’s Meat and Seoul Food Meat Company in another neighborhood down the line.

“These are brother and sister components here,” Choi said. “Wherever Seoul Food goes, Let’s Meat goes.”

Photos: Sallie Funderburk


    • Greg Dolphin is an idiot,

      I am a Charlotte native, thank you for expressing solidarity.

      I would love to meat up sometime, maybe at a professional restaurant that cooks my meal. Please email me at

      Write soon,
      Greg Dolphin

  1. Can’t wait, hope it compares to some of the Korean BBQ places I’ve been to in L.A. Those places are awesome and I hope this is close.

  2. Love!!!love!!!love!!! I have been searching for traditional korean barbaque here in charlotte. And I have been in love with Seoul Food Market – so match made in heaven. This is the way to open a little bit wider (not just a peak) the culture to the “now (and positive thinking) – crowd”. Can’t wait! Now if someone can just open a Korean bath house – it would be awesome :):):)


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