Legion Brewing wins this year’s Brew Dog Series at JJ’s Red Hots


This post is brought to you in partnership with JJ’s Red Hots. All opinions are our own.

Charlotte’s favorite hot dog spot, JJ’s Red Hots, partnered up with local breweries for its annual Brew Dog Series this month. Each week, an exclusive, collaborative dog was featured. Which brewery took home the win? Legion Brewing.

Paired with the Juicy Jay, its collaborative effort, the Carne Asada Dog, was featured the week of March 25. It has Shaved London broil, Juicy Jay slaw, citra-hopped ‘chimichurri’ relish and rocket sauce.

The winner was named based on sales. Now that the Carne Asada Dog has been deemed the winner, it will be featured on JJ’s “hall of fame” menu for a limited time along with a guaranteed tap for the period of time it’s offered.

Noda Brewing came in second with its Hop Cakes Battered Corndog, so JJ’s will be featuring corn dogs ON WEDNESDAYS ONLY at all locations, all day. This dog is a beer-battered (using hop cakes) and deep-fried corn dog, topped with crumbled bacon and maple syrup drizzle.

*Add Sriracha for a kick!

These partnerships allow JJ’s to continue to craft amazing hot dog flavors while backing Charlotte’s local breweries.

Want to learn more about JJ’s Red Hots? Click here for more information.



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