Name this special beer from Legion Brewing and Brewpublik, and win tickets to the Queen City Brewers Festival


Haven’t you always wanted to name a beer? This is your chance.

Legion Brewing and Brewpublik, with the help of Queen City Brewers Festival and CharlotteFive, are collaborating on a special new beer and we need you to help us come up with a name for it.

From left: Legion Brewing's Phil Buchy, Brewpublik's Jill Koskosky, CharlotteFive's Corey Inscoe, and QCBF's and Aceing Autism's Nils Weldy.
From left: Legion Brewing’s Phil Buchy, Brewpublik’s Jill Koskosky, CharlotteFive’s Corey Inscoe, and QCBF’s and Aceing Autism’s Nils Weldy.

Why Legion and Brewpublik? Legion has been brewing up some of the city’s favorite beers for just over a year now, Brewpublik’s been moving amazing beer through the city for more than two years, and the two decided it was time to do something together. And there’s no better time than the annual Queen City Brewers Fest in support of ACEing Autism.

Here’s how it works:

Fill out the form at the bottom of this post with your name, contact info and beer name idea. We’ll go through the submissions this week, pick our favorites, and put them up for a vote next week. If your suggestion wins, you’ll earn fame, fortune*, our deepest admiration — oh, and two tickets to this year’s Queen City Brewers Festival Feb. 4 at The Fillmore. We’ll unveil the name and be pouring this one-of-a-kind beer at this year’s festival.


*OK, maybe not fortune, but you’ll be rich in beer.

But before you start suggesting names, you should know a little bit about the beer.

It’s a single malt, single hop beer — commonly known as a “SMaSH” beer — a style you don’t see a lot of in Charlotte breweries. We’ll let Legion Brewing’s Phil Buchy explain it better:

“Most beers, especially like IPAs, use multiple malts to get complexity there, they use multiple hops to get complexity there … and blending those ingredients makes a complex flavor, but you never get to taste any one specific thing,” he said. “So this is a great way for brewers and the public to actually appreciate each separate ingredient for what it is. And the simplicity is still complex in its own right. You’re tasting the complexity of that ingredient on its own, so it’s exciting.”

This beer is made with pale ale malt from Epiphany Craft Malt in Durham and Idaho 7, a Pacific Northwest hop that has accent notes of tangerine and black tea.

Finally, some tips for naming the beer

When Legion is trying to come up with a name for a new beer, Buchy said they get everyone in the brewery together and they all write name ideas down. Then they take the best ones and put them up to a vote.

That’s basically what we’re doing, just with a lot more people throwing out names. Here are some tips for making your suggestion rise to the top:

(1) Keep it clean — If you’d feel embarrassed telling your grandma the name, maybe rethink it.

(2) Think local — This is a local brewery, a local beer fest, your local beer delivery company and your local news source coming together to create a beer, so obviously any Charlotte references are a plus.

(3) Consider the ingredients — and the “smash” name.

(4) Bonus points for a tennis reference — QCBF benefits ACEing Autism, whose mission is to “connect children with autism through unique tennis programs, and to develop and advance proven methods to positively impact the children, families and communities we serve.”

ACE racket logo JPEG 300 res

We’ve come up with names like Super Smash, Overhead Smash and Smash (in your) Mouth — we’re pretty sure you can do better.

Submit your entry below and good luck!

(Questions? Email us at Problems with the form? You can also access it here.)

Photos: Brittany Smith/Legion Brewing 



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