Tell us what cereal you think should be brewed into a Legion Brewing beer, and win tickets to Queen City Brewers Festival 2018


Close your eyes and think back to a time when you were enjoying your favorite childhood cereal. Maybe you remember slurping up Fruit Loops as you watched Saturday morning cartoons, or scarfing down Cinnamon Toast Crunch before catching the school bus.

Now flash back to adulthood, and imagine ordering a local craft beer infused with the flavor of your favorite cereal. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, we’re teaming up with Legion Brewing to make it happen — but we need your help figuring out which cereal to choose.

Here’s how it works:

Step one: Fill out the form at the bottom of this post with your name, contact info and the name of the cereal you think should be brewed into a Legion Brewing beer. You have until midnight, Jan. 6. The cereal that is submitted the most times will be selected as the winner.

Step two: Once we’ve determined which cereal wins, we’ll need to name the beer! On Monday, Jan. 8, we’ll announce the winning cereal and ask you to submit name suggestions.

Step three: On Monday, Jan. 15, we’ll announce the winning name. If your suggestion wins, you’ll get two tickets to the Queen City Brewers Festival 2018 on Saturday, Feb. 3 at The Fillmore! We’ll be pouring this one-of-a-kind beer at this year’s festival.

Submit your cereal suggestion using the form below – good luck!

(Questions? Email us at Problems with the form? You can also access it here.)



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