It’s your last meal on Earth, and it has to be from a Charlotte restaurant. What is it?

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Do you have an illness?
Maybe you’re on death row?
Preparing to move to Jupiter?

Doesn’t matter.

For whatever reason, you only get one more meal on Earth, and it must be from a Charlotte restaurant. What would you choose?

When we asked this question on Facebook, the answers showed us that you make some good food choices, Charlotte.

Here are some of your selections for a last meal:

(1) Basil Thai

The one in Stonecrest, specifically
What to order: Pad Thai
Price: $17.95
Submitted by: Ulunda Baker

(2) Boardwalk Billy’s

Photo by Melissa Oyler
The Shoppes at University Place

What to order: Honey Lime Buffalo Chicken Fingers
Price: $9.99
Submitted by: Alex Ishman

(3) Cajun Queen

Alex Cason Photography
The Cajun Queen’s Bayou Platter

What to order: The Bayou Platter
Price: $23.95
Submitted by: Valerie McKeon

(4) Crepe Cellar

Courtesy of Crepe Cellar
Beef Short Ribs over Potato Herb Gnocchi

What to order: Beef Short Ribs over Potato Herb Gnocchi
Price: $27
Submitted by: Jane Cook

(5) Futo Buta

Courtesy of Futo Buta
Shoyu ramen

What to order: Shoyu ramen with extra pork belly, extra noodles, extra onsen egg
Price: $21
Submitted by: Juliann Miller 

(6) Kabab-Je Rotisserie & Grille

What to order: Hummus Sharwarma with fresh baked pita bread, Spicy Potato, Fried Cauliflower, Grilled Chicken Wings and Spicy Armenian Sausage
Price: $36.30
Submitted by: Emmanuel Perez

(7) Lang Van

What to order: Com Tam Suon Nuong
Price: $7.95
Submitted by: Drew White

(8) Portifinos

What to order: Chicken piccata
Price: $15.95
Submitted by: Jenny Eickmeyer

(9) Price’s Chicken

Price’s Chicken Coop fried chicken

What to order: Quarter dark with coleslaw, tater rounds (or fries), hushpuppies and roll
Price: $7.15
Submitted by: Eric Linne

(10) Ru Sans

What to order: Chirashi Sushi bowl with salmon
Price: $20.95
Submitted by: Nancy Bray-Dee

(11) Yafo Kitchen

Courtesy of Yafo Kitchen
mac + cheese

What to order: Hummus and grain bowl with mac + cheese mezzo
Price: $12.48
Submitted by: Dawn Peterman Krieg

Bonus last meal:

“$100 glow in the dark ramen. Wait, no — that’s just stupid.”
Submitted by: Chris Harker

Which meal from which Charlotte restaurant would you choose for your last meal? Let us know in the comments.


  1. My go-to meal is at Mama Ricotta’s. Angel Hair pasta with tomato basil and two turkey, prosciutto meatballs. Add in a small chopped salad with Mama’s dressing.

  2. *Charlotte area because Charlotte claims them on all other lists*

    Kindred. Just experienced one of the best meals of my life there.

  3. Any one of the ones listed….sure do wish some of these terrific cafés would come to the lower Steele Creek area!!!
    All the good places are so far to go from here!


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