Newborn babies are tiny, adorable representations of all that is right in this world.

They’re also soggy, exhausting little life-changers.

When two people become parents, their everyday patterns are majorly impacted and it can often take weeks (or months) for them to find their new groove. When you’re in the new parents’ inner circle, it’s your job to love, spoil and support them as they move into this new phase of life. While showering a new baby with attention is important, new parents deserve some serious love, too.

One of the earliest ways you can show your love and support is to create a special homecoming for the new parents. Check out the tips below.

Let the world know that baby is here

Even if the new parents tend to shy away from attention, they’ll likely appreciate a little bit of exterior decoration welcoming their new family home. A few colored balloons tied to the mailbox, a baby-themed wreath or a sweet stork on the front lawn is a small touch that makes a big welcome.

Decorate the interior

While you don’t want to put up any decorations that the new parents will have to clean up later, a few small touches can make their homecoming feel festive. Create a “Welcome Home” diaper banner to hang above the fireplace or line up their congratulations cards on the mantel. Even some fresh flowers in a ribbon-tied vase have the power to set a happy, peaceful tone.

Clean up

The last time the new parents left the house, they probably did so without a lot of thought to how tidy it was. Before they come home, take an hour to make sure that there are no messy distractions as they walk through the door. To maximize your impact, focus on removing clutter and focus on the spaces they use each day. Empty and load the dishwasher, take out the trash and wipe down countertops and tables.

Stock up

If you know the new parents well, you probably know the sorts of food and drinks they like to have on hand. Before they head home, do a quick inventory of their refrigerator and pantry and take a trip to the store to pick up their favorites. While you’re there, go ahead a pick up a few extra rolls of paper towels, a pack of toilet paper and a box each of diapers and wipes.

Have something on the table

No matter how short a ride it is, the trip home from the hospital or birth center is exhausting. When the new parents arrive home they’ll likely want to collapse on the couch or in bed with their brand new baby and spend a while resting, counting toes and trying to recharge. Help them keep their energy up by having some nutritious, ready-to-grab snacks laid out on the table. Sliced fruit, cheese and crackers, and baked goods all make for delicious welcome-home snacks.

And have something cooking

A good post-baby visitor will not only come with something in their arms but will leave with something in the oven. Before you part ways with the new parents, consider setting a roast in the slow cooker or a pie in the oven. What you cook doesn’t really matter as long as it’s delicious, fragrant and comforting.

Welcoming a new baby into the world is certainly important, but the new parents shouldn’t be forgotten. During a time of monumental transition the support of their inner circle has the power to help them thrive!

Photo: Pexels


  1. Exterior decoration alerts the bad guys that there’s a new baby in the house. I realize that family and friends are super excited about the new addition…and want to shout it to the world, but why tempt a potential kidnapper?