5 kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid at all costs


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Kitchen remodel.

What do those two words make you think of? Though we all like the idea of a new kitchen, you might also associate those words with lots of stress, lots of worry, and lots of indecision.

The folks at Reico Kitchen & Bath understand how easily you can feel overwhelmed when planning for your kitchen renovation. They know the stress the process can cause, so they teamed up with us to bring you the top five mistakes to avoid when you’re creating your new look.

1) Failing to consider appliances

Appliances are something you should think about first. They are the workhorses of your kitchen, and should not be an afterthought. In addition to performance, you will want to take into consideration the color, style, and size of the appliances you need. When you have decided on appliances, decisions on your kitchen design and other details fall into place much more easily.

2) Not getting a kitchen expert

Remodeling often comes down to budgeting. No matter how good at DIY you are, it is always a smart idea to bring in a kitchen design expert to help you plan your project. Take it from Designer Lauren Hunt of Reico Kitchen & Bath in Charlotte: “One of the things I hear most when people are beginning a kitchen renovation is that they are overwhelmed by all of the choices and information. A critical part of my job is helping my clients sort through and simplify all of that information so that we can help prioritize their wants and needs.”

A kitchen expert will know things you do not, and will notice aspects of your kitchen that can be improved, many of which you likely would have never thought about by yourself. You may save money later by avoiding design or product mistakes. If you want your kitchen remodel done right, bring in a designer.

3) Failing to plan for storage

One of the most overlooked aspects of a kitchen remodel is the importance of storage. Features like pantry pullouts, lazy susans, drawer organizers, and pull-out spice drawers add efficiency, convenience, and sometimes even new storage to a kitchen. “Clients get very excited about storage and organization”, said Celeste Craig, Designer at Reico Kitchen & Bath in Charlotte. “Taking our time going through cabinet accessories is an important part of the design process.”

You can never have too much storage! Planning for storage early during your kitchen design process instead of after will save you money and stress… and it makes the kitchen a lot more fun to use too!

4) Sacrificing your countertop space

Do not think you can skimp on your countertop because you want to create room elsewhere. If you have to choose between your countertop landing space and another element, choose countertop space. More counter space room gets you more room for preparation, entertaining, and eating. As long as you keep your walkways clear and moveable, you are always going to appreciate more counter space.

5) Protecting nearby rooms

During your remodel, things will get messy. If you prepare only your kitchen for the remodel, you will regret it later. Prepare the adjacent areas for the construction in the kitchen. You can use sheets or plastic sheeting to place on your furniture, or hang them up between rooms to protect from paint, dust, and the general debris of construction. It is never a bad idea to consider hiring a cleaner after the remodel to give everything a thorough cleaning. Dust is invasive!

Get in touch with Reico Kitchen & Bath to see what your own kitchen (or bathroom) renovation could bring you.

Reico provides quality renovations that will delight your design sense as well as your stress level.


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