6 ways to release your inner Ninja Warrior at Kinetic Heights this summer


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If you’re a thrill-seeker and you haven’t made your way to Kinetic Heights yet, you’re missing out. This 22,000 sq. ft. obstacle challenge center is located in South Charlotte, and it’s built for growthful fun and adventure to help people (both kids AND adults) discover their best selves.

Ready for an adventure? Here are six ways that both kids and grown-ups can get their adrenaline pumping at Kinetic Heights this summer.

Ninja Warrior Course

There are different obstacle lanes that “Ninja warriors” can try, ranging in difficulty levels from novice to expert. The courses are complete with quintuple steps, Tarzan swings, salmon ladder, warped wall, spider climb and more. Check them out and see whether you could hold your own on an episode of American Ninja Warrior.

Parkour Village

If you’re not familiar with Parkour, it’s basically a practice in which you try to move from one point to another without any equipment to assist you. A lot of what that means is explosive movement, jumping from one platform to another—and Kinetic Heights has an entire “parkour village” set up to facilitate exactly that! Even if you’re a total parkour beginner, the staff at Kinetic Heights will teach you the basics to get you up and running (er, jumping) in no time.

High Ropes Course

Did you know that Kinetic Heights offers Charlotte’s only indoor high ropes course? Depending on your level of high ropes experience, you’ll head to one of the two high ropes courses available in the facility. The staff will do a safety review, then they’ll clip you in and send you on your way! Get excited for the various obstacles you’ll meet before you make your way to the other side.

Adventure Fitness

Is a mud run (like the Spartan Race, Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder) in your future? Or do you have dreams of being selected to compete on American Ninja Warrior? Whatever the case may be, you can train on actual obstacles as part of the Kinetic Heights OCR Fit class, offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. Or you can stop by for Adult Open Gym, offered weekdays from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Adventure Challenge Camp

This youth camp is built to enable kids to encounter adventure in a safe, controlled way that is still fun and exciting. Adventure Challenge Camp in particular includes Ninja Warrior and parkour training, a high ropes adventure (for children 8 and up), and fun team-building games and activities designed to help children learn, grow and have a blast.

Adventure Challenge Camp is offered weekly Monday through Thursday, with different sections offered for ages 5 – 8, 8 – 11 and 11+. Since it’s held indoors, you don’t have to worry about the heat, sun, rain, bugs and more that come with a North Carolina summer. Find out more details here.

Parkour/Ninja Camp

If your child is between the ages of 8 – 14, they can join this challenging and exciting camp, which focuses more on parkour and Ninja Warrior skills training. It’s offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons of certain weeks, and it seeks to use adventure and challenge as a platform for personal growth. Find the schedule and details here.

Additionally, each camp is led by Kinetics Height staff members that also coach the facility’s parkour classes, run school field trips and guide scout groups—so you know that they’re highly trained, as well as fun and engaging.

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Want to learn more about Kinetic Heights? Click here for more information.


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