3 important reasons your kids should stay active this summer


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It’s summer and your kids are (finally!) out of school. We all remember the excitement that comes with having a whole summer with no school work or tests, but it is vital that we make sure our children stay active instead of spending the summer stuck inside with nothing but digital screens for company.

Read on to find out why staying active is so important.

Physical activity promotes a vibrant mentality.

Children are in the process of learning lifelong habits that will shape who they are in the future. If they spend every summer cooped up inside with minimal activity, the danger is that they may learn laziness or will fail to develop an inner drive to get things done. Planning regular physical activities like going to a park, having a pool party or even something as simple as running errands can keep their minds active and get them used to a mentality of progression rather than stagnation.

Physical activity combats our childhood obesity epidemic.

There is a reason that former First Lady Michelle Obama started the Let’s Move! campaign in 2010. The 21st century has seen an epidemic in childhood obesity. While managing your child’s diet is also important, a good way to fight unhealthy weight gain is to encourage your kid to stay active throughout the summer. Take them on a hike down some of Charlotte’s local trails or plan a day at a local pool with friends. Whatever gets them moving is helpful in burning fat and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Physical activity strengthens your child’s body.

Through extended physical activity, the bones, joints and muscles are strengthened. This is especially important for children, who need to develop strong bones to grow. Not only that, but strengthening bones and joints can help children combat osteoporosis when they get older. By contrast, video games and portable consoles often encourage unhealthy sitting positions that promote bad posture. They may also contribute to rising levels of carpal tunnel syndrome.

It’s okay to have fun and relax at home over the summer, but make sure that your children also mix in plenty of physical activities.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your article. And, it’s so important to plan such activities. I often see kids glued to smartphones from a very young age. Parents need to consciously plan more physical activities and encourage kids to regularly visit the playground or the beach.


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