Keep Charlotte weird: Oddball sights around the QC


Weird Charlotte? When it comes to weirdness, Charlotte is not tops in North Carolina. (Hi, Asheville!) But somehow that makes the flashes of weirdness around here all the more special, because in order to be weird here you have to go a little bit against the grain. It means something. Here are a few weird things you can see around Charlotte

The Volkswagen on top of Pinky’s Westside Grill
1600 West Morehead St.

pinkys (1)

Pinky’s is worth a visit because of the Crab Puppies alone, but it’s a landmark because of the stars-and-stripes Volkswagen on the roof. Oh, and there’s also a dinosaur out front.

The Giant Head in Plaza Midwood
Private residence on The Plaza, right off of Central


This head will freak you out if you’re in the right frame of mind. It’s huge and terrifying.

Benny’s Yard Art and Welding
9415 Gilead Road, Huntersville


Not strictly Charlotte, but close enough. If you drive by too fast you might see something out of the corner of your eye and say “What the…” Here’s what it is: Benny’s Yard Art and Welding. The business has a showcase of weirdness in its front yard on busy Gilead Road. Some of what you will see: a robot, the USS Enterprise, minions from “Despicable Me” crafted from propane tanks, an airplane and a dinosaur made of shopping carts that breathes fire.

Tip Jar at Puckett’s Farm Equipment
2740 W Sugar Creek Road


Puckett’s Farm Equipment is notable just for being itself. A “21st Century Honky-Tonk” that’s been selling beer and hosting live country, bluegrass and rock music ever since the farm equipment business soured. But that’s not the weird part. Look at the stage. The tip jar for the bands is a prosthetic leg.

The Giant Woman Suspended From the Ceiling at Amelie’s
2424 North Davidson Street


The weirdest thing about this woman, who must be at least eight feet tall/long, is that nobody ever talks about her. Either there are too many other interesting things to look at in Amelie’s, or people are politely ignoring her, or they’re just too transfixed by the pastry case. Is she holding a macaron in her right hand?

Light Panels on 7th Street Station
224 East 7th Street

7th-street-station (1)

Push on the colored panels on the exterior of 7th Street Station and they light up and make noises. That’s pretty cool. But there’s more. There’s a riddle on a plaque on the building. If you solve it and push the panels in the right order, a “ghost” responds and all the panels light up and the building plays a song. It’s a singing building. That’s weird. And awesome.

Photo by James Willamor

head shotJody Mace is a freelance writer who also publishes the local website Charlotte on the Cheap. Follow Charlotte on the Cheap at @cltcheap and everything else she does at @jody_mace. This story first appeared on Charlotte on the Cheap.



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