Why the job fair at goodmortgage.com is better than camp


Swimming, campfires, hikes and time away from mom and dad are highlights of the camp experience. And don’t forget poison ivy, bugs, heat, sunburn and wacky camp counselors. While your camp days might be long gone, the opportunity to learn new things, have fun, and build your career is here Thursday, June 9 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the goodmortgage.com job fair.

Here are a few ways getting in with goodmortgage.com is better than camp.

Learn new skills

If wood whittling and archery weren’t your finest moments and your pottery mug was a disaster, why not learn new skills and apply your business know-how at goodmortgage.com. The company is opening its doors to new and experienced mortgage professionals. Why not you?


Take a test drive

Maybe vegan camp wasn’t the best fit for a meat eater like you and perhaps your parents forgot about your allergies when they sent you to farm camp. Luckily goodmortgage.com has your back. They want to make sure you and the company mesh like marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate. On June 9 you are invited to tour the facility and meet with employees to determine if this is your next career move.

Work hard, play hard

The good people at goodmortgage.com believe in working hard and playing hard. The headquarters are located on South Tryon Street and besides a beautiful interior, desks, computers and fun office supplies, they keep employees happy with a basketball court, cafe, game room, lounge and workout area. Getting that camping carefree feeling aren’t you?
goodmortgage cafe


Meet great people

Unlike your bunkmate who enjoyed practical jokes but forgot his deodorant, goodmortgage.com is supported by lots of great people dedicated to servicing customers and developing local talent. They are homegrown and ready to expand as a result of Virginia-based First Guaranty Mortgage Corp’s purchase of the company.

Visit goodmortgage.com and register for the job fair June 9.If you can’t make it and still want to talk email a resume to HR@goodmortgage.com. You might be one step closer to your happy place.




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