Nearing the finish line: Week 3 of Jared’s 30-day body and lifestyle transformation with Jamie Scott Fitness


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Last Monday, we checked in with Jared after Week 2 of his 30-day journey to better health and fitness. He won our contest to give one lucky CharlotteFive reader the chance to totally transform their body and lifestyle with a 30-day health and fitness program at Jamie Scott Fitness (featuring a dual JSF and SWEAT membership, personal training and nutrition counseling) to help them achieve their health and fitness goals in 2018.

On Day 1, he told us he wanted motivation and help after he found himself stuck at a weight of more than 400 pounds.

After Week 1, he said that he noticed his clothes fit better, his eating habits have shown improvement and his recovery time is a lot quicker during and after his workouts.

By the end of Week 2, his energy levels had improved dramatically, and Jared believed it had everything to do with his new nutrition plan.

We gave Jared a call to find out how he’s feeling after Week 3, now that he’s just a week away from completing his four-week health and fitness challenge.

Week 3: The workouts

Now that he had returned from his umpiring conference and was back in Charlotte, Jared had workouts lined up for every day of Week 3.

On Monday, he went to a 12:30 p.m. group class at Jamie Scott Fitness called MAX (Maximum Interval Training). This 30-minute class uses plyometrics, weights and strength exercises to push you to your maximum levels of exertion.

Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., he had a personal training session with Donald. “The personal training classes are really, really, really hard,” Jared told us. “But you feel really good about what you’ve accomplished about 10 minutes later. They try to push you to your absolute limit and get the most out of you, though, so that’s a good thing.”

On Wednesday, Jared attended a SWEAT spin class at 12:15 p.m. “Since I’m a big guy, cycling classes are really hard,” Jared told us. “Just being able to pedal for 35-45 minutes straight is pretty tough… and you know, those seats aren’t that big.”

Thursday at 12:30 p.m., he went to a Jamie Scott Fitness class called RIPPED 30. This unique HIIT-style class was just 35 minutes long (ideal for a lunch break sweat session) and utilized battle ropes in a number of ways to build strength. “I was paired up with a lovely young lady about 1/10 the size of me… but she was kicking my butt,” Jared said. “So, it was forcing me to try harder and harder. But it was fun!”

And on Friday, Jared rounded out the week with a Jamie Scott Fitness class called PUSH, which alternates strength and cardio sets with short periods of rest. You’ll have to check out the CharlotteFive Instagram Story today to see how his spin class went — trust us, it was a tough one!

Jared loves coming in for these mid-day workouts. “It keeps me moving, and it keeps me motivated,” Jared said. “It keeps me wanting to come in.”

Week 3: How he’s feeling

We asked Jared how he’s feeling – both physically and mentally – now that he’s nearing the end of his four-week challenge.

Physically, he noted that his recovery time after working out has increased dramatically in the past three weeks. “I’m quickly able to get back my breathing back under control and move onto the next workout,” Jared said. “That’s been a big bonus for me.”

Mentally, he said that he feels more alert and energized throughout the day. “I don’t have to take naps, and I’m just much more into everything,” Jared said. “My days don’t feel as long. I think breaking the day up with a workout in the middle really helps.”

Jared said that traveling last week has been most challenging part of this journey so far. “The toughest was when I was on the road, not having that consistent workout schedule to keep me honest,” Jared said.

We know you’re wondering: did Jared cheat on his nutrition plan while he was traveling last week? “I did have pizza one night while I was away,” he admitted. “But only two slices, and they had vegetables on them! Other than that, I really didn’t eat badly.”

We asked him what’s keeping him motivated as we move toward the final week of the journey, and his answer was simple. “I feel like I’ve made such strides, so why turn back?” he said. “For me, it’s just my daily routine now. So, now it’s just keeping that as a part of what I do every day.”

Jared still hasn’t weighed himself — he’s waiting until the final day of the challenge to do that. “I am honestly hoping that I am under 380,” Jared told us. “That would be a 20+ pound loss, and I’ll feel like I accomplished a lot.”

But 380 would just be the first number, Jared said. Then he’ll work with the folks at Jamie Scott Fitness to come up with a new number — and a new goal — from there.

“Really, I don’t foresee changing anything after Friday. We’ll keep it going,” Jared said. “I’m going to keep coming back to Jamie Scott after I’m done, because they’re great. Really, you have to find that spot where you feel comfortable.”

Follow Jared’s health and fitness journey

CharlotteFive will be posting about Jared’s experience every Monday throughout this 30-day health and fitness program. You’ll see an update from him each week on our Instagram, talking about the progress he is making and how he is feeling.

Be sure to check back on Monday, Feb. 26 to read our final check-in with Jared, and to watch the final video showing the results and outcome of his 30-day journey with Jamie Scott Fitness!

Learn more about Jamie Scott Fitness by visiting their website now.


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