Halfway there: Week 2 of Jared’s 30-day body and lifestyle transformation with Jamie Scott Fitness


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Last week, we checked in with Jared after Week 1 of his 30-day journey to better health and fitness. He won our contest to give one lucky CharlotteFive reader the chance to totally transform their body and lifestyle with a 30-day health and fitness program at Jamie Scott Fitness (featuring a dual JSF and SWEAT membership, personal training and nutrition counseling) to help them achieve their health and fitness goals in 2018.

On Day 1, he told us he wanted motivation and help after he found himself stuck at a weight of more than 400 pounds.

After Week 1, he said that he noticed his clothes fit better, his eating habits have shown improvement and his recovery time is a lot quicker during and after his workouts.

We gave Jared a call to find out how he’s feeling after Week 2, now that he’s halfway through his four-week health and fitness challenge.

Week 2: The workouts

Jared hit the road for an annual umpiring conference on Thursday, so he had to get in his workouts early in the week.

On Monday, he went to a 12:30 p.m. group class at Jamie Scott Fitness called MAX (Maximum Interval Training). This 30-minute class uses plyometrics, weights and strength exercises to push you to your maximum levels of exertion.

“There are multiple people in the group classes, so you don’t get individual instruction. But you do still get encouragement as the instructor walks around the class, which is really helpful for me,” said Jared. “And you can modify things to fit your skill set and ability level, which is also helpful.”

On Tuesday, he joined a 9:45 a.m. spin class at SWEAT. “Spin is very exhausting,” Jared laughed. “I don’t get as tired breathing-wise in spin class, but the body is just exhausted after pedaling for 40 minutes straight.”

Jared had never tried indoor cycling before, aside from hopping on a stationary bike once in a while at the gym. It’s not an aerobic workout he had incorporated into his fitness routine previously, and he was definitely feeling the burn — but he enjoyed it.

“I’ve never been a biker or anything, but those classes are fun,” he said. “I think what makes it fun is the community aspect. You meet people in those classes, and the trainers are so nice. It makes it a little easier on yourself to make it from class to class when you enjoy the people you’re working out with.”

On Wednesday, Jared had his personal training session with Jamie Scott himself at 10:30 a.m. You’ll have to check out the CharlotteFive Instagram Story today to see how that session went — trust us, it was a tough one!

Week 2: How he’s feeling

Halfway through his health and fitness journey, we asked Jared what’s keeping him motivated.

“One of the big things pushing me is feeling better. I have more energy,” he said. “Even these past couple days I’ve been at a work clinic for umpiring. Some of these guys I haven’t seen since last fall, but they can already see a difference in my appearance and in how much energy I have when I’m moving on the field.”

Jared has been basing his progress on how he’s feeling so far, rather than a number on the scale. He doesn’t want to weigh himself, because he doesn’t want to get discouraged or to plateau in his progress.

While Jared knows that his workouts are definitely playing a role in his energy levels, he thinks the biggest boost is coming from his new nutrition plan.

“Eating healthier really seems to help fuel the workouts,” he said. “You can really feel a difference. Eating chicken and vegetables isn’t always fun, but you feel a lot better than when you eat a piece of pizza or two and you can feel yourself getting bloated.”

JSF’s dietitian, Laura, helped Jared prepare some meals and snack ideas for his time on the road, so he’s not eating hotel food or fast food while he’s away. “Staying consistent with my meals is the biggest thing,” Jared said.

Heading into the second half of this challenge, Jared is feeling motivated. Though he says he’ll miss his group classes at JSF and SWEAT this week, Jamie gave him some workouts to do in his hotel room. “Those are as challenging and fun as you make them for yourself,” he said of the workouts. “For someone like me, the motivation of working out with other people and having a set class schedule is easier.”

Follow Jared’s health and fitness journey

CharlotteFive will be posting about Jared’s experience every Monday throughout this 30-day health and fitness program. You’ll see an update from him each week on our Instagram, talking about the progress he is making and how he is feeling.

Be sure to check back on Monday, Feb. 19 to see our Week 3 check-in with Jared. We’ll post the final video showing the results and outcome of Jared’s 30-day journey with Jamie Scott Fitness on Feb. 26!

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