What to expect when JackBeagle’s of NoDa opens a second location in Mount Holly

Photos by Alex Cason


Main Street in Mount Holly is about to get Beagled. 

JackBeagle’s NoDa owners Chris Ingram and Mike Crowley are planning their latest venture, JackBeagle’s Mount Holly, coming to 127 S. Main Street in spring 2018. 

Located next to The Salon & Spa on Main and near Derr’s BoutiqueThe Vintage Nest and the old city jail, Beagle’s Mount Holly will have a similar feel to the NoDa location. The restaurant will feature an expanded version of the same menu, a shotgun-style bar with dark walls and floors, a patio with an outdoor bar, music stage and pedestrian bridge. 

The interior of JackBeagle’s Mount Holly

JackBeagle’s is named after a dog Ingram adopted in the early 2000s.

“I found him running down the side of the road,” Ingram said.

He scooped him up and added him to his home’s rescue dog mix, which already included German Shepherd Crockett and mixed-breed Tubs. 

Ingram said he looked just like a purebred beagle but was mixed with some sort of larger breed.

He said, “I would walk him around, and people would say, ‘that’s the biggest damn beagle I’ve ever seen.’”

He added, “I started telling people he was the last of the giant beagles. People kinda knew I was joking with them, but they enjoyed that story.”

While JackBeagle died in 2010, he lives on as part of Ingram and Crowley’s brand. 

Chris Ingram

The pair own several different restaurants, including the soon-to-be Stu’s Barrel House in NoDa and Mayworth’s Public House in Cramerton. 

When it comes to the Beagle name, however, Ingram has plans to keep it going with future restaurant locations and maybe even a BeagleMotors someday (Ingram is an avid car enthusiast). The team calls that “Beagling it.”

“It’s what Papa John’s does,” Ingram said. “Everything that he owns starts with Papa. We’re going to Beagle it.”

For JackBeagle’s in Mount Holly, the team is focused on ensuring quality control between locations.

“The food’s gotta be the same,” Ingram said. “If you get the cheesesteak here, or you get the Stugots here, it’s gotta be made exactly the same way there.”

General manager Mike McGuire is creating a menu book. He’s the perfect man for the job. “He likes to cook, and he likes to drink beer,” Ingram said. 

A pedestrian bridge will lead from the restaurant to a patio with an outdoor bar and stage, located next to the municipal building, now the Mount Holly Historical Society. 

Under the future bridge is Mount Holly’s old city jail, bars still intact.

“If someone doesn’t pay their tab, we can just throw them in jail,” Ingram said. “Let’s Beagle that jail.”

The owners are always keeping their eyes out for a third location and beyond. They are open to one day having Beagle’s in Matthews, Salisbury, Statesville, Mooresville, or other Charlotte locations.

“JackBeagle’s is going to be bigger than Hooters someday,” Ingram said.



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