5 items couples should register for, but usually forget about


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Once a couple’s wedding day comes and goes, they often wish they had added more to their list of typical registry items—kitchenware, household appliances, barware, decor. Here are five things that couples should register for, but usually forget about.

(1) Luggage

Before heading out of town on your honeymoon, deciding what to pack will definitely be on your mind, along with where to pack everything! When registering for luggage, don’t forget to consider size, color, and whether you want hard or soft suitcases.

(2) Bedding

Whether it’s for your own bed or for your guest room, don’t forget to register for the perfect bedding. If the fluffiness and warmth that a comforter provides is a priority to you, register for a comforter with a fill power ranging from 500 to 800.

(3) Bath accessories

Use your registry to your advantage to spruce up a potential boring bathroom. A nice bath rug, for example, could bring a cozy ambience to the space.

(4) Serveware

Once you’ve returned from your honeymoon and are settling back at home, you will be excited to host your first soirée as a married couple, so don’t skip over registering for serveware that you’ll love!

(5) Enough dinnerware and glassware

You may only think to register for enough dinnerware and glassware for just the two of you, but will you have enough flatware for when your new in-laws come to visit? Be sure to register for enough flatware to serve both your extended family and other guests.

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