7 local food trends millennials are obsessed with—and whether they need to stay or go.


It all started with the avocado toast trend. Yep, this simple meal has basically broken millennials’ banks. While avocado toast has become a staple in our lives, some other interesting items have popped up over the last year.

National chains like Starbucks invented a Unicorn Frappuccino (which tasted like Cheratussin, by the way), Taco Bell launched nacho fries (10/10 would try) and most recently, Olive Garden debuted Italian nachos (why?).

Specifically in Charlotte, we’ve found other food creations that millennials clearly have strong opinions about. More noticeably, they want to capture it for Instagram. So, for you Queen City foodies, which of these will stay, and which will go away as just another fad?
Let’s break down seven items only millennials would eat — and where to find them in Charlotte.

The food-coma dessert

What: One-pound donut
Where: Stoke
Price: $18
Stay or Go Away? Stay
Thoughts: This one-pound donut is pretty life-changing — but make sure you eat it on a night you don’t want to do anything afterward. You’ll need your sweatpants and a nap within 30 minutes of consuming it.

Yes, please pour my coffee in fruit (and yep, avocado is a fruit)

What: Avolatte (Avocado Latte)
Where: Dilworth Tasting Room
Price: $8
Stay or Go Away? Go away
Thoughts: Although I see the two-in-one concept, I don’t want my lips caressing the outside of an avocado while sipping on a cup of Joe. It’s like we’re going way too far to consume a simple drink in the morning. Can we just keep the avocado toast and coffee separate moving forward?

Actually, let’s try an ice cream cone

What: Coffee in a Cone
Where: Sunflour Baking Company
Price: $4.95
Stay or Go Away? Stay
Thoughts: Again, another weird concept. Next thing you know, we’ll be pouring coffee inside a biscuit…your purse…or maybe even a dirty sock. But to be honest, it looks like melted ice cream, so it’s not an entirely bad way to start your morning, right?

Sure, another cone will do!

What: Meatball Breadcone or Mac & Cheese Cone
Where: Fidelli Kitchen
Price: $9
Stay or Go Away? Go away
Thoughts: Wait, why can’t we just use silverware again? I feel like this was more of a move to get people to Instagram it rather than just eat it. But seriously, how do you eat this concoction without looking like a barbarian?

Roll it up

What: Rolled ice cream
Where: Jolly Rolls Ice Cream
Price: Small signature flavor: $4.50, Large signature flavor: $5.75
Stay or Go Away? Stay
Thoughts: This seems like a lot of extra work to serve ice cream but after watching a few videos, the presentation is quite therapeutic. Although I’ve never tried it, I could eat ice cream just about any way it’s handed to me.

Let me see you sushi roll

What: Sushi burrito
Where: Bonsai Fusion
Price: $10
Stay or Go Away? Go away
Thoughts: Everyone will probably hate me for even saying that the sushi burrito shouldn’t stay, but why can’t we just keep it to the bite-size sushi rolls? Also, do you get all the ingredients in one bite or is it heavy on tuna one bite and heavy on avocado the next bite? So many questions, so little time. 

That’s ‘doughpe’

What: Cookie dough-anything
Where: Cookie Dough Bliss
Price: $10
Stay or Go Away? Stay
Thoughts: Our cookie dough dreams have finally come true! Remember in baking class in school, the teacher would always warn everyone to not eat raw cookie dough because it would give you salmonella? (That was bogus.) So yeah, I did actually get salmonella…but from a chicken sandwich. Anyways, I’m 100 percent pro-edible cookie dough.

Featured photo: Cookie Dough Bliss


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