10 of the most Instagrammable murals in Charlotte

Photo by Vanessa Infanzon

We may walk past them every day, but how often do we stop and actually enjoy some of the public art this city has to offer? Charlotte offers some fantastic murals that can truly brighten your day.

Plus, we all know a cool background in a photo can really bump up those likes on Instagram. So, if you’re looking for those likes or just want to appreciate some cool artwork, here are 10 Instagrammable murals and exactly where to find them.

(1) Solstice Tavern

Location: 221 N Davidson St.

Artists: Nick Napoletano, Jonay Di Ragno and Brittani “Georgie” George

Interesting tidbit: Brand the Moth, an artist collaborative coordinated by Sam Guzzie, brought together these three artists to paint two sides of Solstice Tavern’s building at 3221 N. Davidson St. This visual mural for Solstice was meant to be “full of life and color.”

NoDa has the best murals… am I right or am I right?

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(2) Two Scoops Creamery

Location: 913 Central Ave

Artist: Miriam Medrano Yumet 

Interesting tidbit: The Lake Norman location also features its own mural of ice cream characters.

Photo: Yay for Murals in Charlotte, NC

(3) Magic Carpet Murals

Location: One just over the tracks of Atherton Mill, a second by the Convention Center, and a third right by Triple C Brewing.

Artists: Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn

Interesting tidbit: Unterhalter and Truhn had done similar murals in other cities before being invited to do them here by Charlotte Center City Partners.

Rise and shine 📷: @datethetownclt

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(4) Seventh Sin Tattoo Company

Location: 927 Central Ave

Artist: Alex DeLarge

Interesting tidbit: Back in April, a drunk driver ran through a large window and into the Seventh Sin Tattoo Company shop. The workers boarded up the large hole and DeLarge painted this mural of Boba Fett over those boards. Talk about making the best out of a bad situation!

Photo: Seventh Sin Tattoo Company

(5) Jack Beagles

Location: 3213 N. Davidson St.

Artist: Will Puckett

Interesting tidbit: This is the work that led the artist into a full-time painting career. (Plus, a picture in front of this mural is a must for your perfect day in NoDa.)

#NoDa #cltmurals

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(6) White Rabbit

Location: 920 Central Ave.

Artist: Gil Croy (@6colorpopartportrait)

Interesting tidbit: Many describe the White Rabbit as the go-to shopping spot for the Charlotte LGBTQ+ community.


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(7) Friendship Trays

Location: 2401 Distribution St.

Artist: Rosalia Torres-Weiner

Title: Mother Nature’s  

Interesting tidbit: Torres-Weiner said the building’s wires, electrical boxes, and poles made this mural difficult to paint. She came up with a creative solution and decided to turn those wires into the woman’s hair.

Photo: Yay for Murals in Charlotte, NC

(8) The Local

Location: 105 E. 5th St.

Artists: Matt Moore and Matt Hooker

Interesting tidbit: Neither Moore nor Hooker are formally trained artists, but both have been described as “that kid” in school who everyone asked to draw something or design a tattoo.

(9) Five Points Plaza

Location: 1635 West Trade Street

Artist: Abel Ronnie Jackson

Interesting tidbit: This is just one of an entire exhibit of murals in the area near Johnson C. Smith that tell the story of the Underground Railroad.

Photo: Yay for Murals in Charlotte, NC

(10) North Davidson Street

Location: 35th and North Davidson streets

Artist: Osiris Rain

Title: Art of the Chalice

Interesting tidbit: In a previous profile, Rain said closed eyes are a common theme in his work and they portray “purity of being in the moment”.

Photos: Vanessa Infanzon, When In Carolina, Yay for Murals in Charlotte, NC, Seventh Sin Tattoo Company, Hannah Noblin, Susie McKeon, Bentley, Abari Game Bar, Osiris Rain, Charlotte Rail Trail


  1. I have a problem with Charlotte FIVE & this article here:

    You do know that you left out two key artists in your post right? You posted there work unknowingly, maybe or just deliberately decided not to bring recognition to them. Maybe it was a lack of understanding on your part. That mural you posted soley about (Nick Napoletano) who is a phenomenal artist btw happens to be a collective project curated by “BRAND THE MOTH’S (Sam Guzzie). The piece is a symbol of diversity & how we come together within the charlotte community… & yet its never recognized as that. It also is not just one sided as you highlighted here. It has another dynamic side to it and I have seen CHARLOTTE on both sides of the mural taking selfies none stop. The post is about murals that are the most instagrammable in Charlotte. Wouldn’t it make sense CHARLOTTE FIVE to cover the full story of mural before you go an botch it. I guess it wasnt your intention but incorrect perspective is a burden to actual facts & truth, you also didnt even use an updated picture but an old version. (It was like you designed this article to not tell the full story from the jump). I recall your news press actually meeting the other two artists in this endeavor, so you really have no excuse whatsoever. I dont mean to be harsh with you, but it sincerely is frustrating to see the lack of recognition on some of my favorites artists in this city. This must be said because more and more people are tired of it happening, especially me. Please in the future try to cover the entire story. Artists that werent recognized = @gardenofjourney & Jonay Dirango, yall contributed your souls on this one.

    Yours Truly

    A True Art Activist

  2. On Sunday I noticed a pretty cool Jerry Garcia on the side of what I think was an auto repair place along Monroe between Wendover and Briar Creek. Not as amazing as these but it certainly gave some life to a relatively nondescript stretch of road.


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