What’s it like to be in a relationship with an Instagram influencer? 5 Insta-significant-others tell all.

Courtesy of @uptowngirlclt

We mindlessly scroll through Instagram, often not appreciating the work that went into taking each photo. How many times did the foodie account owner rotate the plate? How many scrapped pics sit in the deleted folder after today’s fashion photoshoot? How many push-ups did the fitness influencer need to complete for the ideal action shot?

But perhaps most importantly:

Who snapped the perfect picture that makes you wonder whether you need another outfit from a local boutique?

Who waited ten minutes to eat their food until receiving confirmation that the photo proved Insta-worthy?

After C5 got the inside scoop on the life of a self-proclaimed Insta-husband (owner of the @canieatmeow Instagram account), I set out to talk to some of the other Insta-significant-others who offer support (and practice patience) behind-the-scenes:

Meet Megan McCauley, the wife of @uptowngirlclt (Shannon McCauley)

Job: Case manager for a local durable medical equipment company

Instagram handle: @theparaplegicchef

What she tags along for: “All the fun events Shannon gets invited to – mostly food and drinks.”

What it’s like being an Insta-wife: “Love being an Insta-wife! Love when Shan gets recognized out in public but also love seeing her channel her creative side and amazing photography she gets to edit/post. Look out though, she is on the road to being an Insta-wife too! I got recognized the other day while out as well.”

Meet Isa Carnegie, boyfriend of @melissachanel (Melissa Cantey)

I’m tellin’ everybody you’re mine and I like it….💞.

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Job: Works in business

What he tags along for: “I pretty much tag along for everything that I can. I’m fully supportive and take interest in whatever Melissa has going on, whether that’s helping her at photo shoots or snapping photos for her social media when she’s hosting or on panels.”

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What it’s like being an Insta-boyfriend: “We still live a very ‘normal’ life/relationship in my opinion. Yes, I’ve learned all about the angles of photos, smiled for more pictures than normal, planned more out-of-town trips, and even explored Charlotte more since I’ve started dating Melissa. So, I’d say it’s been amazing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Meet Shane Dyer, husband of @thcheekybeen (Vanessa Krombeen Dyer)

Job: Director of national accounts at Insight Global

His Instagram handle: @sdyer7955

What he tags along for: “I tag along for collaborations involving resorts, travel, and fitness. I love to support my honey.”

What it’s like being an Insta-husband: “It’s definitely fun being an Instagram husband; every week it is a different week with a lot going on. I had to get used to taking pictures and understanding that side of the business, but overall, it’s been a blessing because she’s the happiest she’s ever been.”

Meet Montell Watson, husband of @emilybreeze (Emily Breeze Ross Watson)

Job: Corporate strategy director for Movement Mortgage.

His Instagram handle: @montell3

What he tags along for: “I tag along for everything. Travel, workouts, church, etc. We enjoy doing life together.”

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What it’s like being an Insta-husband: “I enjoy it and have a lot of fun with it. I’ve learned, being an Insta-husband, you have to be ready to take pictures at all times – never know when you will get the perfect IG moment.”

Meet Michael James, husband of @burritojames (Alessandra James)

Saturday is all 💕🌸🌺🌷 #pink #ihavethisthingwithpink

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Job: Oversees operations for a mechanical contractor

His Instagram handle: @world_of_james

What he tags along for: “I tag along for many of Alex’s social events that involve significant others (galas, shows, ballet events). As a husband, I try to step in and support Alex as often as I can. I let her guide when she wants her man there next to her or when I can stay home and build something. On top of that, I enjoy watching her dance, which makes it easy to tag along. Typically many…..many….many….pictures are taken along the way. She’s lucky she’s so pretty.”

What it’s like being an Insta-husband: “It’s inspiring to see your wife have momentum with something she enjoys so much. Alex has been making short movies and curious about photography since she was a little girl. She loves that form of expression. Watching from the sidelines is fun.”




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