Indoor skydiving is coming to the Charlotte area, so you can finally learn to fly


An indoor skydiving company is planning on coming to the Charlotte area in early 2019, according to the Charlotte Business Journal. The Business Journal reported iFly is expected to open its newest facility in Concord on Lyles Lane, near Concord Mills. This will be the first one to open in North Carolina.

According to the iFly website, anyone over the age of 3 will be able to come in and learn how to indoor skydive. Once you check in you will watch others fly before they take you back to a classroom for flight training instruction.

After being properly trained, each customer will step into a large wind tunnel that creates an atmosphere similar to actual free-falling conditions. Each experience lasts about a hour and 45 minutes, with each flight being equivalent to one and a half skydives.

A first look at the iFly experience 

This video gives a quickly glimpse into what customers should expect when they come to an iFly location.

While no pricing is currently available for the Concord location, in Atlanta, there are a variety of flying packages. Per person, you can fly two times ($79.95), three times ($101.95), four times ($127.95) or five times ($149.95). iFly also offers different birthday, celebration, corporate or school event packages.

According to its website, iFly started in 1998, and has now expanded to 37 locations across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. The last location to open was in February 2017 in Fort Lauderdale.

Photos/Video: iFly



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