Ocean’s Eleven alert: Indochino has finally come to Charlotte, and it’s going to change the way you buy your next suit


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Think back to the last time you flipped open your phone, sent a fax, stood in line to place your coffee order, or rented a movie on VHS. The world is changing fast! And now, the law of making everything better applies to how men shop for made-to measure custom suits, shirts and accessories in Charlotte.

In February, Indochino opened a 3,000 square-foot show room in SouthPark adjacent from Neiman Marcus. The company is set on redefining the experience of buying a custom suit. And in case you see flashing green dollar signs when you read “custom suit,” know that Indochino is changing that game, too. These custom suits — made especially for the customer — start at $399, and shirts begin around $79.

This Vancouver-based company prides itself on providing personalized attention along with a quality suit.

“Indochino was born out of the belief that custom clothing should be available to everyone. Each time we put down roots in a new city, there is an opportunity for millions of men to experience the shopping concept of the future,” said Drew Green, CEO of Indochino.

If you haven’t stepped into their beautiful showroom in SouthPark Mall, prepare to be amazed. Here is how to up your suit game and enter the next generation of shopping in Charlotte.

1. Make an appointment and visit the store

The first step is an easy one. Go online to easily book an appointment at the SouthPark store or call 704-719-3448. Walk-ins are welcome, too. Why should you make an appointment? Because these are not off-the-rack clothes — so, the style guides want enough time with every customer to ensure the perfect fit and style. When you schedule an appointment, you can get started right away on finding the perfect custom suit for you, without having to wait around.

2. Meet your style guide for a VIP experience

On the day of your appointment, you’ll meet with an Indochino style guide in the modern and chic SouthPark showroom. Your guide will assist you in starting your stellar custom experience.

Maybe you aren’t sure what your style is or what type of fit or fabric works best for your lifestyle. Your guide can help with that. Or perhaps you’re a clothing aficionado who didn’t think finding a custom suit at a great price was possible. But the guides can help you through the process and show you hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. No matter where you are in your clothing journey, you will receive a custom VIP experience the company is known for.

3. Begin the custom experience

Having a suit that fits like a glove begins with precise measurements. Indochino style guides take 14 measurements so when your custom suit, shirt, ties and accessories arrive, they feel as comfortable as they are stylish. And all your measurement and preference information is kept on file so when you are ready for your next custom suit, you are already halfway there.

4. Personalize your suit or shirt

Once your measurements are taken, it’s time to start building the perfect suit or shirt with customizations that make it all yours. Forget the usual suspects of off-the-rack styles and colors. Here, you can choose from millions of possible combinations from top-of-the-line fabrics and personalization options.

This is where your consultation comes in. If you are overwhelmed or aren’t sure which way to go, your guide can offer recommendations and help you narrow down the selection based on your goals and the look you want to create.

5. Order and wait three weeks

Once you place your order, your specs are sent to Indochino’s manufacturing plant, where your custom threads are made just for you. Your order should arrive to your door in just three weeks.

If you find you need alterations, just scan or bring the receipt into the store and Indochino will make up to $75 worth of adjustments.

6. Bring the party… the wedding party

Is wedded bliss in your future? Indochino is changing how men walk down the aisle. With custom suits and tuxes for as low as $399, grooms and their wedding party can go beyond a rental and make an investment in their wardrobes. Plus when the party makes an appointment they all get a dose of the Indochino VIP treatment with a private fitting, lounge and top notch service.

Put down the Motorola Razr, and start shopping for your new custom suit the modern way. You’ll enjoy the service, choices, prices and ease of upping your wardrobe game at Indochino in SouthPark.

Want to know more about Indochino? Click here for more information.


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