I do Jazzercise. Here are 10 reasons why.


It feels like a dirty little secret tucked up above Jason’s Deli on Woodlawn and Park. Sometimes I call it going to “class,” or even “jazz class.” But secret no more. As someone who’s tried a lot of exercise classes in Charlotte, Jazzercise is my favorite yet. Here’s why.

(1) Zero judgment. I can’t stand a gym that makes you feel bad about yourself. We’ve all been there. Jazzercise has a feel-good, stay strong, do-whatcha-can kind of attitude.

(2) Piggybacking off #1, there are no mirrors in the Jazzercise studio. You can bounce around like an idiot and no one will notice – not even you.

(3) Predictable format + full body workout. Each class is different (varying routines and songs that blend kickboxing/hip hop/pilates), but the consistent format helps get me through. Expect about 30 minutes of cardio up to the “top of the curve” – aka “I wanna die” – then weights/abs/toning. And done!

(4) Awesome, current music (ex. Macklemore, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus) plus a few throwbacks (It’s Britney, b*tch). No cheesy, cleaned-up karaoke versions, either.

(5) You don’t have to lug around your own equipment. Mats and weights are free to use, for anyone, all the time.

(6) It works. The word “jazzercise” for me conjured images of leotards and leggings, sweatbands, and 80s pop. It’s pretty different now – Lululemon and Athletica welcome – but it’s still in big business for a reason. I occasionally take class with a woman who is about 75 and has been rocking Jazzercise for three decades now. She looks ah-mazing.

(7) The teachers are the happiest people on the planet, and they seem to mean it. I don’t leave work to get yelled at more. This is Dani, my favorite teacher. I want Dani’s arms.


(8) It’s as challenging as you make it. On a sluggish day, take it slow. When you want to bring it, Jazzercise is no joke – about 600 calories burned per class with high intensity. This is me pre- and post-Jazzercise.


(9) Great value. Unlimited classes are $50/month for 12 months plus a $50 signing fee. But look out for try-it-free weeks, Groupon passes, and special deals here.

(10) Last but not least, you can hit up Total Wine after class. Trust me, you’ve earned it.



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