Howren Music rents dreams


“I’ll never forget the first time I held a musical instrument. It wasn’t a toy. It was real, authentic and it was mine. It made me different, set apart, important. I was immediately empowered, even though I couldn’t play a single note.”

These are the words of Dennis Howren, President of Howren Music Company in the Park Road Shopping Center. Since 1950, the Howren family has supplied students of every age with promise, education and dreams. Plus thousands upon thousands of instruments.


For most of us, playing a musical instrument started in school programs, and that is where Howren Music excels. “We serve the middle school mom,” said an enthusiastic Jules Howren. “It’s like Christmas. They bring their child in to begin the process of transforming them into musicians. To see the look on their faces is precious and rewarding.”

Howren Music supplies instruments and musical accessories. “We have a unique Rent-to-Own program that fits any parent’s budget,” said Greg Howren. “Our dad and founder, John B. Howren, Sr., had a desire to make sure that every child that wanted to play an instrument had one.”

“We have a variety of [rental] programs,” said Jules. “Monthly rent-to-own, 12 and 18 month payment plans and two cash discount plans with a buy-back feature.”


If you missed out on music programs in school, don’t fret. Howren Music teaches private lessons for all ages and abilities: guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, string bass, keyboard, percussion and wind instruments. The company earned a Best of the Best Award for Music Store Lessons in Charlotte in 2014, 2016 and 2017.



“Middle schoolers and moving parts,” quipped Jules Howren. “Yeah, you’re gonna need to get it fixed.” Even when young folk learn how to handle the instrument properly, repairs are inevitable. “That’s why we offer maintenance and replacement coverage. The instruments are quality and well-built, but fixing them is a specialized field.”


Howren Music boasts a musical family with more than six and a half decades of musical tradition.

“One of my favorite experiences is assisting a child whose grandparent remembers getting their first instrument from my dad”, mused Dennis. “I started playing in 5th grade in the 60’s. My dad and I picked out the saxophone. I remember it to this day. I still play saxophone professionally and in my church orchestra. [But] now, I can play the heck out of every note.”

Become a part of the Howren Music extended family by visiting one of their Charlotte locations.


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