How to spend the perfect day in Uptown

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Uptown Charlotte

You can’t think of Charlotte and not think of its city center, aka Uptown. As a native of this city, it has been amazing to see the transformation of Uptown alone.

We’ve gone from one or two skyscrapers in the late ’80s to a full mini skyline with dozens of restaurants and businesses. It is the perfect area to visit on any given day.

Here’s how you can spend the perfect day in Uptown Charlotte.

Early morning

(1) Begin your day with a fresh cup of coffee at Coco and the Director (100 W. Trade Street). I suggest throwing in a slice of the banana bread, too. At only $2 per slice, it’s worth the carbs.

(2) Now that you have some energy, it’s time to work up a hearty appetite. Take a workout class at one of several studios in walking distance from Coco and the Director. You can drop in at iLoveKickboxing (129 W. Trade St., Suite 150) for an energy pumping kickboxing class, CycleSouth (401 N. Tryon St.) for a music pumping spin class or Aerial CLT (801 N. Tryon St.) for a fun but challenging workout off the ground.


(3) If you’re too tired to walk, hop on a scooter and roll over to Uptown Yolk (224 E. 7th St.) in 7th Street Market. Chef Greg Collier and his crew whip up some of the best pecan waffles that I’ve ever tasted.

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Late morning

(4) Now that your belly is full, it’s time to explore a little. If you are into museums, you can explore the Mint Museum Uptown (500 S. Tryon St.). When you are done there, check out the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art (420 S. Tryon St.) right next door.

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(5) If museums aren’t your thing, hop back on a scooter and zoom over to one of several parks in Uptown. On any nice-weather day, you can find tons of families and people hanging out at Romare Bearden Park (300 S. Church St.) and First Ward Park (301 E. 7th St.).


(6) Uptown is home to dozens of restaurants bringing any flavor you may have a taste for. My suggestion for lunch is Rhino Market and Deli (420 Church St.) for whatever the daily special may be.

If you need a light after-lunch treat, Cheesecake Carousel has you covered. This cute little food truck can normally be found hanging out on the corner of Trade and Tryon in front of the Bank of America building.


(7) You can almost spend a full day simply exploring the different businesses in the Epicenter alone. A movie at Studio Movie Grill (210 E. Trade St., D-290) is the perfect afternoon activity to help you recharge a little.


(8) The King’s Kitchen (129 W. Trade St.) is a great choice for dinner. Proceeds from this restaurant are used to help those less fortunate in and around Charlotte. They were even featured on Steve Harvey’s talk show in January.

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(9) End your day with a little night cap. Sydney’s Martini and Wine Bar (401 N. Tryon St., Suite 104) offers a variety of cocktails and wine selections. On just about every night, you can catch a live band or performer keeping the crowd entertained.

Late night

(10) If you aren’t quite ready to end your day, stop by Bar Cocoa (201 E. Trade St. or Amelie’s Uptown (380 S. College St.) for a quick late-night snack. They’re both open until midnight on weekends.

How do you spend your time Uptown? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Of all the places uptown, you recommend Sydney’s? I work in that building and Sydney’s never has a soul in there. Actually some coworkers went there one day to see if it was even open, and the staff was incredibly rude and didn’t address them, even though they were the only ones there. There are so many bars and restaurants uptown. I literally don’t know one person who has set foot in Sydney’s minus my coworkers who were treated like crap.


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