#Hashtag, you’re it: How the hashtag can benefit your business on social media


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You’ve definitely heard all about the hashtag by now. You’ve probably even become the type of person who attaches one to the end of a caption every now and again. But the reason why you should use hashtags may still allude you. If you’re trying to grow a social media presence for your business, you need to know how the hashtag may benefit you.  

To provide a little history, the first hashtag was used on Twitter in 2007 by Chris Messina, who encouraged his friends to do the same. The trend really picked up steam in 2009, when Twitter began to hyperlink the “#”—turning what was a simple concept into a search tool that leads the reader to relevant topics.

Ten years later, hashtags have taken all social media platforms by storm, including Instagram. Now, more than ever, hashtags have made it easier for us to follow brands, conversations, trending topics, businesses and people just by logging into our favorite social media platforms.

Why should businesses join in? Here are a few reasons you should leverage hashtags in your professional social media accounts.

How the Hashtag Helps:


Many businesses are catching on to the trend of using the hashtag to advertise their brand name. For example, #TalenAlexander is the name of this marketing agency and when attaching the hashtag to our name, our audience is better able to search and find us. Not only is the brand easier to search for, but as customers begin to use the brand name hashtag, it builds mutual recognition within the marketplace.


According to the social media platform, there are different methods for using the hashtag. For example, Instagram allows the post to include up to 30 hashtags, however, do NOT use this many, as it clouds the caption. Consider inserting popular, industry-related hashtags in the comments section to ensure you show up in relevant searches to drive interaction up by 80 percent.

Unlike Instagram, Twitter is a platform where you MUST use hashtags to generate conversation and grow your audience, as posts with hashtags double the rate of engagement. Again, the warning remains the same: If you insert more than three hashtags, engagement begins to decrease.

Nevertheless, a multitude of studies have shown that hashtags are critical in expanding your reach, growing your brand, gaining more followers and getting more potential customers.


An innovative way businesses have used hashtags in the past is to create campaigns around them. Depending on what your marketing goals are, you can create one or two hashtags to promote products or concepts that speak directly to your audience’s interests. This will continue to build your brand recognition and advertise your services at the same time.


Finally, use hashtags that have the ability to help you put your brand in front of the right people or audience. There are hundreds of niche conversations happening across all social media platforms that your business can join in on. Simply use the hashtag specific to your industry to expose your name to an existing conversation. Be sure to join only conversations where you feel confident you’ll contribute useful and relevant content. Also, remember to be respectful as you are new to the circle, and do your best to really show off the depth of your expertise.

#Tips on Utilizing Hashtags

# Research to ensure you are using the proper hashtag without referring to another concept that already exists.

# Use the hashtag in congruence with your business’s brand and tone to streamline all content.

# Don’t use too many hashtags or engagement will decrease.

# Use popular hashtags to join the local conversations within your community.

# Explore what hashtags drive the most engagement for your industry, and stay on topic to ensure it’s reaching your target audience.


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