How President Obama can have a good time in Charlotte this week


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The President is making a swing through Charlotte, likely on Wednesday, to talk up his administration’s work on the economy. We’re sure that’s important stuff, but we hope the Prez takes time out to enjoy our lovely city.

Here are 5 things we think President Obama should make time for that will be local, fun and presidential:

Grab a beer: We’re all about the craft beer here in Charlotte. We run like 7 stories a week about beer on C5. We don’t want Mr. Obama to miss out, so we suggest he heads to Triple C in South End. He’ll have a choice of drink options, depending on his mood: A Golden Boy if he’s working on his post-presidency legacy or a Road to Nowhere Porter if he’s sad about being a lame duck.

Up All Night Porter at Triple C Brewing – one of my new favorite spots in Charlotte.

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Taste of Chicago: The President probably misses Chicago-style hot dogs, so we suggest he head over to JJ’s Red Hots on East Blvd. for a taste. If he gets here a night early, he could even get a signature dog for just $2. Economic!

Fill in for the Hornets: Obama likes to play bball. The Hornets play bball. Neither are amazing. Could be a good fit.

Ride the streetcar: The streetcar that’s about to open from Time Warner Cable Arena to Elizabeth was a pet project of former CLT mayor Anthony Foxx, who is now Obama’s transportation secretary. In Obama’s budget, he is recommending $75 million in federal grants to help extend the streetcar even farther. We should thank the pres by giving him the first real ride!

704 wear: It’s always nice to get your wife something when you travel out of town. We bet she would LOVE this 704 hat to get a taste of Charlotte. Or maybe a bedazzled crown t-shirt. 704shop For the kids: Kids always want to know what you got them during a business trip. We are betting that Malia and Sasha would dig the new monopoly game featuring Charlotte as one of the property spaces. Monopoly Here & Now also features Asheville and Charleston. Good vibes for the South.

Photo:AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais


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