Once a month, I pay someone to come deep clean my apartment. My place is small, and I feel guilty each time I write the check for the service, knowing that I could take an hour or two and do it myself. But I work from home, and there’s something about sitting down in a freshly scrubbed and clean-smelling space that makes me feel more inspired to get things done.

Plus, those are hours that I use to get ahead on work or to take care of other tasks. Therefore, I see it as a worthwhile splurge. I figured I wasn’t the only one spending a little extra on something I value, and I was curious to find out what other Charlotteans view as worthy investments. Here are some of the ways you enjoy splurging:

“Guacamole #iknowguacisextra”

—Morgan Brinton @MorganBrinton

“Bluetooth speakers for the house”

—Miller Yoho @MillerYoho

“Cocktails and punches from @BobtheBartender and the Punch Room. Seriously worth every penny.”

— @SupportiveDude

“Makeup is my one thing I spend a lot of money on. I mean, I wear $20 H&M jeans”

— Nikki Wolfe @Nikki704

“Skincare/makeup, sparkling water, wine.”

—Kseniya Martin @BirchCollective

“A bidet! haha”

—Bernadette Maulion @DressedCLT

“A virtual assistant. Handles those only business hour phone calls for managing life.”

—Scott Lundgren @scottelundgren

“Cleaning service! Hands down.”

—Stacey Simms @staceysimms

“Wine/beer fridge!”

—Rémy Thurston @remythurston

“Taking your dog to get washed/dried so you don’t have to smell wet dog.”

—Sarah Morton @SarahMMorton

“1. Good pens 2. Subscription music (Spotify/XM Radio depending on your commute situaish) 3. @BrewPublik 4. @2ULaundry”


“Local craft breweries, fresh growlers to take home”

—Janet R. Wojcik @JanetRWojcikPhD

“Hiring a housekeeper was one of the best investments I made in my sanity during stressful times.”

—Lauren Hultz @LNHultz

“Va da Vie gelato”

—Mike Miller @MJMiller_Legion

“Grass fed beef”

—Loran @OffTheTriBoro

“1. Subscription music (Apple Music) 2. Home shop grocery service 3. Streaming TV services (Netflix/Hulu/HBO)”

– Kenneth @GrizzlyBROWNjr

“Avocado, Amazon Prime, cleaning service, Cole Hahn shoes with air insoles, blow outs, international travel”

—Katie Benston @KatieBe_NC

“@NourishCLT and @NaturallyCleanC are worth every penny. Also, gym memberships.”

—Stephanie Delgado @delgadoandco

“A white truffle from Toska Truffles. Worth every delicious scent (get it?)”

—Jennifer Brulé @Jenny_Brule

“Travel and experiences”

—Bri Dehlinger @BriDehlinger

“Never go cheap on paper towels or toilet paper”

—Sloan Mueller

“Oribe everything”

—David Jessup, Jr.

“Food—organic and fresh. It’s expensive to be healthy, but worth it.”

—Barrie Topper-Glenn

“Pet grooming forever! And pimento cheese. Only the best pimento cheese in this household.”

—Jordan Dollard

“Spotify, monthly massages, and high quality denim”

—Russell Burton

“Guac at Chipotle. No regrets.”

—Michael Wuori

“Going to Tom Archer at the Charlotte Athletic Club in the Omni to have all the writer knots and kinks worked out of my body, getting my hair did, and eating amazing food”

—Erin Maddrey

“Yafo Kitchen build a rice bowl and add falafel”

—Aaron Dodge

“Mine include valet parking at South Park, home cleaning, landscaping, Postmates, and booze delivery”

—Jeff Brokaw

What’s your favorite “treat yo self” splurge?

Photo: Observer file