Levine Museum of the New South memorializes Charlotte’s neighborhoods with new #HomeCLT exhibit


This article is brought to you in partnership with the Levine Museum of the New South. All opinions are our own.

Among the newest exhibits at the Levine Museum of the New South, #HomeCLT is a loving tribute to the local history and culture of Charlotte. Unpacking the storied past of Charlotte’s neighborhoods and communities can be complex, but there are three main points you should take away from #HomeCLT.

1. Looking back allows us to honor the past.

The story of Charlotte is the story of its communities. While it may hurt to remember times of racial tension and segregation, understanding and acknowledging that past can bring honor to the people who came before us. By learning the stories of these people, we give them a voice in the present day.

2. Looking back allows us to move forward.

As a New South city, Charlotte has a history rife with economic inequality and racial disparity. This does not have to be the case forever, though. Hearing the stories of the previous Charlottean generations can help us understand the root causes of these problems and work to increase economic mobility now.

3. Looking back inspires us to new heights.

People are, and have always been, complex beings. By listening to their stories, we can laugh with them, cry with them, revel in their successes and be spurred to action by their strife. Stories have an inherent ability to inspire us to do better, be better and create a world that would make previous generations of Charlotteans proud.

Tickets to the Levine Museum of the New South can be purchased at the door or online here. Adults are $10 and children over five are $8. Discounts for seniors, active military members, educators, families and more are available as well.

Come down to #HomeCLT and be moved by the story of Charlotte!

For more information about upcoming events and exhibits at the Levine Museum of the New South, visit museumofthenewsouth.org.


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