She grew up in rundown apartments and dilapidated trailers. Now see her south Charlotte home


Sosha Lewis has opened up about her family and her past as a writer for CharlotteFive and QC Playground. And recently she opened up her South Charlotte home for the latest edition of CharlotteFive Home Tours. She gives us a little more insight into her past and her personality.

How did you end up here?

“I grew up bouncing from rundown apartments (to) dilapidated trailers. I rarely had my own bedroom. … It still takes my breath away that I live in a house where I can go out in the front yard and clip roses that grow from the bushes we planted.”

Favorite thing about your neighborhood?

“Our house is located in South Charlotte in the Park Ridge neighborhood. It’s made up of working class people. There are some yards that are immaculately kept and others that are overgrown. There are a lot of different ethnic groups. People are friendly but not nosy. We don’t have a mandatory (home owners association) and that is one of the reasons that I hope to live all of my days in this house. It’s not that I don’t think HOAs serve a purpose, it’s just that my husband and I aren’t really joiners and we don’t like to be told what to do.”

Favorite/least favorite parts of your home?

“Our house is a split level with cedar siding. It was built in 1976. We bought the house in 2002 at the ripe age of 25. I spent the first night in our house tossing back Miller Lites and frantically trying to rid it of its very ’80s wallpaper. It has been a labor of love. We have worked on it some and in 2013 we hired Barbi Gearhart, owner of The Staging Girl and A Second Coat LLC, to remodel and paint our kitchen, living room and sun room. Both companies are local.

“They tore down a partial wall that separated our galley kitchen from the living area. We entertain a lot and whoever was in the kitchen was always cut off from the festivities or had a dozen people crammed in a small space with them. Where the wall once stood we know have a custom-made bar and counter-height table. The bar includes a built in wine rack and beer fridge with a space that we use for glasses, coasters, corkscrews and koozies. They also wrapped what was a plain white beam in cedar and used black bolts to make it stand out.”

What advice would you give on in-home entertaining?

“We have a deep love of family and friends and the irreverent, and I think that you can see that in our decorating choices. From our T-Rex cookie jar to our arcade games to our dozens of framed pictures we like to show how much those closest to us mean and that we don’t take life too seriously. My best jokingly said that she loves the ‘Big’ decorating influences.”

What has been the most innovative DIY project you’ve done?

“Now, I am kind of a neat freak and I don’t like clutter. I have a reputation for being a purger, and that is true in some instances but I am also a sentimental fool. I had A Second Coat build some shelves in the kitchen for the sole purpose of putting knick-knacks and my daughter’s crafts up there.

“I collect old typewriters and they are scattered around the house.

“We also have a deck that looks like a black and white cookie. My husband replaced half the deck last year but the other half was still in good shape and we couldn’t justify to the cost of replacing everything when it was still serving its purpose.

“The most important thing for us is that people always feel welcomed and comfortable here. We’re homebodies and we love for people to come here and hang out with us.”

Photos: Sosha Lewis 

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  1. i can say that sosha achieves her goal of making people feel welcome and comfortable in their home. love homes that reflect the people that live in it and don’t look like a page out of a catalogue. mission accomplished!


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