Liz Clark takes CharlotteFive on a tour of her NoDa home and gives some great advice and insight along the way.

How did you get here?

“I feel like that’s a question I ask myself every time I look in the back of my mini-van and see three children that came out of my body. As far as Charlotte is concerned, we ended up going the long way around. Gypsy by nature, I am from Minnesota, went to school in Texas where I met my husband who is from California. After realizing that Texas is for the birds we spent a year and a half in Atlanta wondering where all the cool people were. We followed NASCAR (I know, right?!) to Charlotte and after being in the suburbs in Atlanta we swore we’d never do THAT again and found the coolest place we could: NoDa.”

What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood?

“My favorite thing about our neighborhood is easy: The people. We literally made one friend in Atlanta. One. We were in NoDa for two weeks and were hosting house parties. Going on nine strong years in one place isn’t something I have done since high school so it’s nice to have roots and see people I know whereever we go. I helped start the NoDa Parents group; that keeps me socially occupied during the holidays and random weekends throughout the year. And who doesn’t love drinking where everybody knows your name?”


What are you favorite and least favorite parts of your home?

“Honestly it’s been a great house to us, especially since we started with one baby and now have three. But, as I’m sure you can do the simple math, it’s starting to shrink. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, ‘If I’m not in NoDa I’d rather be in the country with no neighbors at all.’

“I guess time will tell if that’s actually true but I literally cannot fit another living thing into this 100+ year-old mill house that literally leaks hot air. Don’t even get me started on the gas bill. My favorite part, to tie into the complaining bit, is how open it is. There’s no way we could have lived here this long if it had more walls.”

kids room

What advice would you give on in-home entertaining?

“What I can do is tell you a little tip on home-entertaining with children: do it all the time, especially around bedtime and especially start out when they’re really young. Train them to sleep through anything. It’s the best advice I can give anyone, really. And don’t have friends that are high-maintenance. Have them bring something. You set out what you have and just enjoy each other.”

living room

What has been the most innovative DIY project you’ve done?

“I went Pintrest-y on our living room last summer (with a project) that is still going, one wall at a time. I’m over color in my house and decided that everything would be white. I constructed a photo display using sticks and twine. My main stick I had to purchase from my nephew for two ring-pops is my favorite part. Also, we built a tipi in the back yard, so that’s a thing too.”


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  1. Great story! Thanks for inviting us into your space for a bit.
    I love reading stories about Noda because I was fortunate to rent a shotgun apt on the corner of Garrison and 35th. It has since, of course, sold and is single family home.
    Noda was great from 95-00 when I lived and hung out there. The light rail will forever changed the whole city and Noda is no exception.
    I just hope,like Austin, that Noda “stays weird”