Louisa Kleto, mom and business-owner extraordinaire, makes up half of the Central Coffee Co. team. Louisa and her husband, Jimmy, are the owners of the coffee company and just bought their dream home. They walked us around their new Oakhurst digs for this edition of CharlotteFive Home Tours.

From a cabin-esque backyard to a mural project, Louisa and her family are finally in their perfect space. She gave me the scoop on her new place:

How did you end up here?

We moved from our home in Plaza Shamrock to Oakhurst after my son’s baptism. We had eight adults and one 4-month-old in our one-story, three-bedroom home. It was a bit cramped. Realizing how often this was going to happen with just one baby, we decided to look around before we even attempted to have a second.

We were casually looking when I found our dream home and we came to an open house and fell in love. Our luck, it’s right by the new Common Market and near one of my close friends.

Favorite thing about your neighborhood?

We are very close to Sharon Amity and Independence but you would never know it. If you walk up one way you hit a major road and busy intersections but our area is very quiet. When you walk out back, it’s almost like you are stepping out of a cabin.

Our property extends into the tree line behind our house so it looks like we are in a cabin when you walk out back. It’s very calming.

Favorite/least favorite parts of your home?

My favorite part of our home is the open floor plan downstairs. It enables me to work at the kitchen island or cook while being able to see my son in his “gated community” or playing on the floor near me.

He has also started learning to use his legs more so he has more room to run around in his walker and practice driving me crazy by running around everything.

My least favorite part is … nothing. I did say this was my dream house, right?

What advice would you give on in-home entertaining?

I try to always keep the dining room table set. With a kid and working from home I don’t have too much time to run around sprucing up for guests. It takes some of the stress out.

I also keep acoustic music on in the background at a low volume. Usually violin music or something along those lines. The lack of words makes it easier to concentrate on conversation and brings a comfortable vibe into the house.

What has been the most innovative DIY project you’ve done?

I am currently in the middle of painting our laundry room. I found a wallpaper that I really liked from an Ellie Cashman collection. Wallpaper is serious money now-a-days so instead I am painting a pattern on the wall myself. I’m also painting a large sugar skull on one wall. It will make it all the more special because it was done by hand.

Photo Credit: Louisa Kleto

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