Sit. Stay. Rollover. Home selling tips for pet owners [Partner]

Beagle dog covered in foam trying to escape the bathtub, while having a bath

Getting your home staged, clean and ready to sell is a lot of work. Double the effort when your dogs track mud on the clean carpet or the cat is shedding all over the house. So what is a cat lady or dog lover to do to stay pet parent of the year and get the home ready to sell? Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent (and HUGE pet lover) Heather Claxton has you – and your four-legged friend – covered. We say two paws up!

Pet field trip

Listen, we get it. The best people are pet people, however, the buyer of your home might be allergic to pet dander or have a fear of cats. It’s a good rule of thumb to have your home pet free for all showings, says Heather. Take the dog for a walk, send them to puppy daycare for a few hours or hire a dog walker. If your pet can’t leave the home, have them secured in a crate or specific location and ask your real estate agent to make note in the showing instructions.

Clean, clean and clean some more

Pet hair is truly amazing. Not only does it multiply every hour but it somehow gets in every nook and cranny – even the nooks and crannies where Fido doesn’t go. Before you put your house on the market, give the old homestead a DEEP cleaning. Heather recommends hiring a professional cleaning service. “A good, deep cleaning makes all the difference and makes your house smell fresh,” she says.

Have a cleanup routine

There’s that word again – clean. After the house is cleaned top to bottom it is easy to tidy up in a hurry and be ready for every showing. Create a routine to make clean up quick and easy. Heather recommends Swiffer for hardwoods and a quick vacuum for carpet. Put a blanket on the furniture and areas where your pet loves to curl up. You can then throw the blankets in the washing machine before a showing. “It will do wonders eliminating pet fur and odors from your home,” says Heather. Be sure to keep the window cleaner handy to wipe the nose prints off your windows.

Hide the evidence

Now that your house smells clean and pet free, time to look the part. Invest in a large bin where you can store the dog and cat bowls, toys, treats and other pet accessories. Be sure to store the bin out of sight in a pantry, hall closet or garage.

Curb your pet

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” says Heather. Curb appeal is very important to buyers so make sure the outside of your home is ready to shine! Be sure to remove pet toys and pick up after your pet each time they go outside. Buyers don’t like finding “surprises” on the bottom of their shoes.

Want some more tips on getting your home ready to sell or just want to swap pet stories? Contact Heather Claxton – we hear she is the cat’s meow.




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