Don’t let your future home haunt you. Here’s why getting an inspection matters


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Buying a house can be an anxiety-inducing process. Beyond finding the house of your dreams and getting your offer accepted, you also have to worry about the all-important inspection.

While this critical step helps protect both the buyer and seller, it leaves even the smartest ghouls and goblins with lots of questions such as:

When do I do the inspection? How do you know they will find everything wrong with the house? Is it really necessary to spend $450 to get a home inspection? Can’t I just get my Uncle Dick to look over the house? (We’ve met your Uncle Dick and we say definitely not.)

Never fear! Savvy + Co. Real Estate called in its own favorite Ghost Buster and inspector extraordinaire Adam Frers with BPG Inspection. He ventures inside a home to show you what lies beneath the floorboards (insert ghastly laugh) and offer insight into what happens during an inspection. Click on the video below…. if you dare.

No, really – you should click on this very helpful video to help you end up “Shining” through your next home purchase.

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  1. Like I was supposed to, I paid for both an inspection and a re-inspection on my house before I purchased it. When I moved in I found that the outlets in 2 of the 3 bedrooms don’t work. The dishwasher had been installed incorrectly, the hose to the refrigerator (ice & water dispenser) had not been installed, and the wall vents are too small and are hanging on by a drill thread. I paid $700 for the service. My boyfriend bought a house two years ago and had an inspection done, but they didn’t point out the water issues in the basement. If he had known about flooding in the basement he wouldn’t have purchased the house. In a perfect world, inspections save you from buying a lemon, however, Home Inspection Carolina missed a lot of issues in my house and I don’t believe the money I spent was worth it.


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