Check out the amazing home bars of 3 couples transforming Charlotte’s drink scene, Part 3: Liz and Andrew Porter


This story originally ran in SouthPark Magazine. Catch up on Part I here and Part II here.

 Liz and Andrew Porter

Step into the Sedgefield home of Liz and Andrew Porter, and you’d be hard-pressed to deduce that the couple runs one of the most buzzed-about distilleries in the state, Doc Porter’s Distillery.

They don’t have an elaborate bar room, a wine fridge, or special ice maker. Rather, their cocktail supplies are incorporated in their everyday life—a life with an 18-month-old, Bridget and a 3-year-old, Quinn (“a rascal and a half,” says Liz).

The artfully arranged gold bar cart in the living room shares a wall with a comfy kid’s chair. By the side entrance to their home, a fire-truck-red tricycle sits in front of their built-in bookcases, arranged with spirits, copper Moscow mule mugs, and books about bourbon and bitters.

And their pièce de résistance—a vintage Coldspot refrigerator with a kegerator and two-spout draft dispensing—is covered in kids’ artwork and playful magnets.

“Our friends adore it,” says Liz.

Andrew bought it for $150 on Craigslist, and Liz decided the “ugly brown” fixture, covered in scratches and stickers, needed rehabbing. So they pulled the stickers off, sanded it, and covered it in metallic-blue car paint. For Andrew’s 30th-birthday party in August, they loaded it with a keg of saison from Sugar Creek Brewing Co.

But it’s on the kitchen counter that you’ll find the collection of Doc Porter’s spirits that point to the family business. Andrew and Liz, 36, opened their lower South End grain-to-glass distillery in November 2015, and since have produced vodka, gin, and bourbon. They’ve also got plans for rye whiskey, absinth, an amaro liqueur, and a barrel-aged gin.

But after the kids have their sippy cups, their snacks, and their Aladdin playing on the living room’s mounted flat-screen TV, you’ll usually find Liz and Andrew sipping something simple: a gin and tonic, a vodka martini, or an Old-Fashioned.

They may even let their 3-year-old suck on the unused lime.

Photos: Cass Bradley | BlueSky Photo Artists



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