Hidden-gem restaurants in Charlotte, ranked


The CharlotteFive Podcast team is off the beaten path and getting hungry, so we took a look at some of the best hidden-gem restaurants around town and each ranked our top five best options.

Make sure to listen to the podcast right below for our full lists, including each of our top two choices, which are not listed below, and the reason why we chose each place on our lists.

Richard’s Top Hidden Gems

(5) Brooks’ Sandwich House

2710 N Brevard St 

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(4) Deejai NoDa Noodle Bar

3629-103 N Davidson St 

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(3) Lang Van Vietnamese Restaurant 

3019 Shamrock Dr 

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Make sure to listen to the podcast above for Richard’s top two hidden gem restaurants.

Sean’s Top Hidden Gems

(5) Barrington’s Restaurant

7822 Fairview Rd 

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(4) Phil’s Deli II

4223 Providence Rd #6

Turkey Reuben and potato salad

(3) Wan-Fu Quality Chinese Cuisine 

10719 Kettering Dr 

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Make sure to listen to the podcast above for Sean’s top two hidden gem restaurants.

Sallie’s Top Hidden Gems

(5) Backstage Lounge 

2433 South Blvd

Backstage Lounge

(4) Fiamma

2418 Park Rd 

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(3) Yamazaru

2173 Hawkins St 

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Make sure to listen to the podcast above for Sallie’s top two hidden gem restaurants.

Do you have any hidden restaurant gems? Please let us know in the comments!

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Photos: Brooks’ Sandwich House, Deejai NoDa, EatClt, Barrington’s, Charleatte, Nomad’s Plate, Fiamma, Yamazaru, Sean Clark-Weis, Sallie Funderburk


  1. You can’t have a list of hidden gems in NoDa and not mention The Bodega and 36th/Holt. Brian and Lisa are incredible and their sandwhiches should have their own Instagram page. I would follow them.

  2. Brooks isn’t hidden if its in every article that is ever written about hamburgers! There burgers are fine. A hidden restaurant gem in my opinion is Cheeseburger House, off The Plaza and Matheson, directly beside Food Lion. Can’t even call it a dive, as it is very tiny. Good cheeseburgers and fries; small price, small menu. Straightforward service. Cash only.

  3. I guess these are ranked, because you as individuals ranked them. That being said, this list would be a lot more valuable had you gathered feedback from a large group of people and then ranked them based on that information. Perhaps you could have more accurately titled this something to the effect of, “Our writers’ favorite hidden gems.” Calling this an actual ranking with any sort of meaning is insulting, and this article was a complete bait-and-switch for me.


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