Here’s where weekday brunch (and brunch cocktails) is now a thing


If you’re casting around for something new for brunch, here’s something exciting:

Jeff Tonidandel, owner of the very popular NoDa restaurant Haberdish, among others (Crepe Cellar, Sea Level, Growler’s Pourhouse), is dipping his toe into weekday brunch. Starting this morning.

Haberdish is now open for brunch from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday-Friday.

“When we get good at it, we’ll hopefully do it on weekends,” he says. But for now, they’re just stretching their wings, along with several other chicken parts.

Among the offerings on the menu: Chicken biscuits or waffles with boneless, fried chicken thighs, sausage gravy, country ham biscuits and bacon featuring Virginia’s Edwards meat products, and a drumstick soup that’s sort of their twist on bone broth. Tonidandel says most items will be $4 to $10.

And to answer that question I know you’re thinking (OK, maybe it was just me who immediately wanted to know): They will have brunch cocktails.

“Sure thing,” he said.

Tonidandel’s other new offering, a small window-service doughnut shop at the back of Growler’s Pourhouse, will get under way soon and he expects to open it by the end of the year.

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Photo: Haberdish


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