Yes, you can still win $10 tickets to see ‘Hamilton.’ Here’s how, in 5 simple steps

Bethany Dykstra of Charlotte and Christine Smith-Barker of Davidson wait outside Belk Theater on Aug. 1, when tickets went on sale for the national tour of Broadway’s “Hamilton.” Photo by John D. Simmons

The thrilling hip-hop Broadway musical rooted in American history, “Hamilton,” continues to sweep the stage at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center’s Belk Theater through Nov. 4.

Did you realize that you can still get $10 tickets to the show — even though the tickets available online (they’re released daily) are mostly $399 – $599 per ticket?

Forty tickets priced at $10 each are available for every performance thanks to the Hamilton Lottery. The randomized digital lotteries begin two days before each performance.

Here’s how you work the lottery.

(1) Check out the performance schedule here so you know when to jump online. Note that the lottery opens at 11 a.m. ET two days before the performance date and closes for entry at 9 a.m. ET the day before the show. So get your timing right.

(2) When you’re ready to enter the lottery based on your preferred date, head to to register. (There’s also a “Hamilton” app that you can download from this link, but we’re going with the online system today.)

(3) Click on the “CHARLOTTE” button under the words “enter the online lottery now.” Fill out the form you are sent to (first name, last name, email address, zip code, age verification, etc.). Also fill out the number of tickets you want — you can get one or two tickets, tops. Lottery entry is free, and you can only enter one time per show).

(4) Kick back and wait (and maybe listen to the soundtrack on Spotify — it’s amazing. Maybe read a recent review of the Charlotte show — “yeah, it’s all that.”) A notification that you’ve won (or haven’t) will be sent around 11 a.m. ET the day before the performance by SMS or email.

(5a.) If you receive a notification that you’ve won, you need to purchase your ticket online by 4 p.m. ET the day before the show or you won’t get it. Use a credit card to pay your $10 ticket fee at the link provided. Then go get your purchased ticket(s) at will call — they are available starting two hours before the show with a valid photo ID that must match the name drawn in the lottery.

(5b.) If you receive a notification that you’ve lost, don’t freak out. Just begin again with step one on this list.

Good luck!



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