Why Good Bottle Co. in South End briefly closed its doors — and what to expect starting this week

Courtesy of Good Bottle Co. on Instagram

After briefly closing their doors on Aug. 31, Good Bottle Co. has reopened with new ownership and a fresh eye on the horizon. While fans can expect some small tweaks in the near future, dramatic shifts to the concept are slated for the new year.

“We want to make it a comfortable spot that people are proud to be a part of,” says Sanchez Fair, who, along with business partner Michael Holt, are working towards a more holistic bottle shop concept.

You don’t have to take my word for it: the new ownership is hosting a meet-and-greet this Friday from 6-8 p.m., and is celebrating the reopening with $4 drafts through the end of October.

“The biggest thing we’re going to do is come up with a community initiative,” says Fair, describing his plans to donate a portion of proceeds back to local nonprofit efforts. “We’re figuring out ways to give back and really impact the community.”

Courtesy of Sanchez Fair

Any other changes to know about?

For starters, say hello to cider and wine; new alcohol permits mean an expanded selection previously unavailable to imbibers in search of options beyond beer. Coffee service will continue under a space-sharing arrangement with HEX Coffee, so espresso-seekers will continue caffeinating.

More comfortable seating is also incoming, per Fair. Aside from similar-sized tweaks, it’ll be business as usual to finish out the year. “Let’s get up and running, get people back in the doors, build relationships, and see where things go,” says Fair, before teasing the future of the concept.

While these forward-looking plans are quite tentative, next year should see a larger-scale remodel: relocate the bar, increase the available draft taps, install a walk-in cooler, and add an additional bathroom.

What should you expect selection-wise?

“We don’t necessarily want to focus on local beer that you can get (at grocery stores) for the same price,” says Fair. ““We’re getting things that will sell, but that are also unique.”

Certain staples will remain on draft, versus the more-promiscuous tap rotation strategy employed by former management. Expect brewery-dedicated lines designated to folks like Fonta Flora Brewery and Burial Beer Co.

Courtesy of Michael Holt

New ABC permits were issued on Monday, and shelves are being restocked, so swing by the new Good Bottle before the big changes start arriving.

“Tell us what you like, tell us what you don’t like,” says Fair. “We want to really involve the community, and make sure they have a voice and a place to call their own.”



  1. The article title says why Good Bottle closed…nowhere in the article is that cleared up. There is new ownership, but why did they close originally?


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