Would you buy this $500 pizza that’s garnished with gold this week?


Charlotte’s Firenza Pizza has a motto of serving “Pizza Like Never Before,” and it is proving the point by serving a $500 pizza in honor of Valentine’s Day.

That’s $500 for one 10-inch pizza, called the Golden Surf and Turf.

It’s sprinkled with gold…along with a lot of other toppings you probably wouldn’t consider ordering from Domino’s or Papa John’s. And yes, you can get it to go.

“This unique signature pie includes lobster bisque, lobster, filet medallions, caviar and is dusted with edible gold leaf,” according to a statement from Firenza.

Firenza asks that people who intend to order the pizza call the restaurant and RSVP 48 hours in advance.

If the Golden Surf and Turf sounds a little too indulgent, Firenza is offering a cheaper special: Two, 10-inch heart shaped pizzas for $14. Includes just one topping.

You can get the $500 pizza starting Friday, Feb. 9 and it will be offered through Feb. 18. Firenza Pizza is located at 9821 Northlake Centre Parkway and specializes in stone hearth-baked pizzas. Details: www.firenzapizza.com.

For the record, a $500 pizza is not the most expensive pie in the world. That title goes to the $2,000 pizza sold at the southern tip of Manhattan by Industry Kitchen.

They’re 12-inches and the dough is made of flour from Italy, squid ink from India, and sprinkled with gold flakes from Ecuador, reported WMC. The toppings include white Stilton cheese from England, foie gras from France, $300 worth of black truffles, 24-karat gold tape from Germany and rose petals.

This story first ran at CharlotteObserver.com.

Photo: Firenza Pizza of Charlotte



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