How to figure out if getting an MBA is right for you


This post is brought to you in partnership with Gardner-Webb University. All opinions are our own.

We’ve worked with Gardner-Webb University over the past few months, discussing how and why to take part in the university’s new online MBA program. Now, we tackle the big question: How do you know if getting an MBA is the right move for you? You can start by answering the questions below.

Do you have the time?

One of the big concerns of a working professional is how to find time to pursue an MBA or other career advancements. Luckily, time is less of an issue with Gardner-Webb’s online program. It is designed so that participants earn their MBA in 10 months, rather than the traditional two-year term. Plus, by being online, the program can fit into a working professional’s lifestyle.

You can keep your day job and earn your MBA in less than a year!

Do you have the resources?

A major discussion throughout the country is the rising cost of higher education. Understandably, many potential students worry about accruing too much debt to get their degrees.

That’s where Gardner-Webb University’s online MBA program shines. Competitively priced at less than $20,000, the program is also part of an accredited university. This means that students can pursue more favorable federal loans to help with their payments.

Do you have the goals?

Now comes the toughest question of all: Does your career trajectory and life plan necessitate an MBA? Will having an MBA help you achieve the goals you have for your professional life? It may take some time to decide whether you want to pursue higher education right now, but the journey starts by understanding the skills that are taught in an MBA program.

At Gardner-Webb University, graduates of the traditional MBA program have gone on to pursue careers as CEOs, CFOs, human resources directors, government workers, entrepreneurs and more. Even if the new 10-month program is not for you and you prefer a more traditional path to an MBA, the school has you covered. There are MBA programs for everything from divinity degrees to nursing, which hone MBA skills to fit the exact needs of those positions.

Answer these questions and check out the university’s website below to start your journey to a master’s in business administration.

Want to learn more about the 10-month MBA program and other educational options at Gardner-Webb University? Click here for more information.


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