Get happy in five steps [Partner]


At C5, we are always searching for hacks to make our lives happier. In our quest for increased sunshine in an overcast world, we turn to a top-notch educator to help us us get more smiles per mile. We are sitting up straight, eyes forward and taking notes as Adele Paynter, Head of Lower School at Charlotte Country Day, offers these tips for a more satisfying existence.

Write thank you notes

This is probably something your parents taught you. Writing and giving thanks to someone allows you to nurture that relationship and take time to fully appreciate what they bring to your life.


Send along good vibes

A nice, quick way to practice gratitude is to close your eyes, think of someone you’re grateful for (and why!) and send them a mental thank you. Who knows… maybe they’ll feel the warm and fuzzies.


Keep a gratitude journal and track all the positive things that happen in a day. This balances the human tendency to focus on the negative. This is especially useful for children who worry or who have a tendency to hyperfocus on all the bad things that happen.

Count your blessings, life’s perks, happy moments, gifts, etc.

Make it a habit to share as a family all the things you’re grateful for. This models for your children the importance of not taking things for granted and acknowledging and appreciating all the little wonderful things that happen each week.


Mindfulness or meditation

It means booking a few minutes each day to be calm, quiet and reflective in mind, body and spirit. This is a wonderful way to help children build their emotional management skills, slow down and take a minute to breathe!

Adele practices what she preaches noting she is grateful for her supportive family and wonderful friends, being part of a community that gives back, working alongside the amazing staff at Charlotte Country Day School and getting to know Country Day students on a personal level.

Now it is your turn, what are you grateful for? This is a quiz and you will be graded. Go!

Learn more about Charlotte Country Day School.


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