Get His Look: Irritation Free Shave


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Your wedding is one of the most photographed days of your life, so why chance it with razor burn and nicks? Catie Starr, men’s haircutting and grooming expert with Caliber Men’s Grooming, has the insight into achieving a razor burn, red bump and nick free shave.

Shower Time
If you want the effects from a hot towel shave at home, the best time to shave is immediately after a hot shower. Men often shave before jumping in the shower, but are missing out on the skin and hair softening benefits of steam and hot water. While showering, thoroughly wash your face with a gentle cleanser, such as OM-4 Men Marine Mineral and Green Tea Gel Wash ($39, Caliber Men’s Grooming). Shower steam and warm water will soften hair and open and relax the rough pores that surround hair follicles. 

Looking Sharp
Old, dull razors typically harbor tons of bacteria and often have rust spots. This causes you to press too hard while shaving, which can cause tiny, micro-tears in skin where bacteria can enter. Buy a brand new, sharp razor to use before your wedding. Your razor should easily glide across your skin without pulling or tugging anywhere.

Oil Can Be a Good Thing
For my clients, I always apply two layers of shave oil prior to a shave. The first layer soaks in and softens, and the second creates the slick and smooth surface I need. Shave Oil, such as Eufora Hero Exceptional Shave ($25, Caliber Men’s Grooming), also creates a protective barrier between your skin and the razor.  Oil helps razors glide over skin, protects from razor skip, deeply hydrates, and is overall a product that creates a foolproof, close shave. 

Rich and Creamy
Apply a rich shaving foam right on top of your shave oil. I love American Crew Protective Shave Foam ($11, Caliber Men’s Grooming). Look for a creamy consistency rather than a dry/soapy texture. Buyer beware: drugstore shaving cream is typically full of skin drying agents. 

Go with the Grain
Always shave with the grain or growth of hair, never against. I typically apply a second round of shave oil and foam for a second pass with the razor to get that extra bit of closeness and to catch any hairs that may have been missed. But I NEVER go against the grain. 

A Gentle Touch
Use a clean washcloth and warm (not hot) water to remove any excess product from your face, but do not scrub. Gently pat skin dry with a fresh, clean towel. 

Tone It Up
With clean hands apply a pore clearing toner, such as American Crew Revitalizing Toner ($9, Caliber Men’s Grooming). This is the best step you can take to ward off razor bumps and ingrown hair as toners close and clear the pores of bacteria.

Last Step
Moisturize your entire face and neck with a moisturizer such as Eufora Hero Post Shave ($20, Caliber Men’s Grooming). Moisturize with a product designed for freshly shaved skin as these moisturizers typically contain ingredients that soothe and calm irritation and won’t clog pores.


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